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by Pitiwazou in Scripts and Addons

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  • tofmusik94
    almost 4 years ago

    Thanks very much ! Very Useful ;-)

  • Steve Masterson
    about 4 years ago

    Blender 2.79b and all works as expected, this is a terrific addon and crucial for workflow. I am new to Blender coming from Modo and Maya and have spend a bundle to bring Blender to have the workflow that I need, and if I could only keep one addon it would be this.

  • BlindBird
    over 4 years ago

    Most useful addon for blender, just get it , can't live without it

  • Yegor R
    over 4 years ago

    The addon itself is pretty useful, but seems like the author has abandoned it, as it was not updated since version "Compatible Blender 2.78a for now" (which it is not, considering user fixes needed after installation to make it work) and contains many bugs

  • papasmurf7777
    over 4 years ago

    Awesome addon!!

  • mishecks
    almost 5 years ago

    I haven't played with it too much but i like it so far, for what i'm using it for.

  • marco_105
    over 5 years ago

    Blender 2.78 – I just bought it and saw lot of bug appear in console. I install Screw-and-bolt, none thumbnails doesn't appear, i'm little disappointed... the idea still good one !
    You must to be more frank to say that is not a ending product. How can we acces to the update ? Otherwise, you put a line in the preferences to 'doc FR' which is an empty place actually.

  • Georgian
    over 5 years ago

    Great addon that works fine and save a lot of time!!!

  • markus3k
    over 5 years ago

    Hello, if you want to make the thumbnailer work with 2.78b or 2.78c you need to change line 78 in /background_tools/ from bpy.context.user_preferences.system.compute_device_type to bpy.context.user_preferences.addons['cycles'].preferences.compute_device_type

  • bradnpx
    over 5 years ago

    Great concept, but way too buggy. Assets fail to add/render constantly, Thumbnails preference page reports error with no explanation, documentation vague and disjointed. Needs more work, would really love to see this improve because when it works it's great

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