Asset Management

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Asset Management

With the Asset Management, you can manage your libraries and add assets directly in Blender with automatic thumbnails creation. Compatible Blender 2.78a for now !

All your Assets in one place !


The only Addon who creates thumbnails for you !


Thumbnail Generator

With the Thumbnail Generator your can create different types of thumbnails : THUMBNAIL  RENDER : The Addon generates the Thumbnail of your assets with default scene. You can configure the shaders in the preferences and create a custom render. You can tweak everything, add an Ambient Occlusion(AO) shader, hide the floor, add a contour or use the shaders of your asset. 

THUMBNAIL OPENGL RENDER : The thumbnail uses the OpenGL rendering with Matcaps, Ambient Occlusion(AO), DOF etc ! This is the fastest way to add an asset to your library with a custom camera angle. You can use all the settings of the viewport, it’s simple and you will like it ;) add_in_secondTHUMBNAIL IMAGE : You can use a picture from your disk or use the Render Result. 

Assets features

  Linking : You can link objects or materials. asset_management_link   Smart Import : The Asset Management place the asset on the selection ! ASSET TO SELECTION :Nothing Selected : Asset will be placed at center of the scene. Object(s) selected : Asset will be placed at origin of selected object(s). Face(s) selected : Asset will be placed on faces and will use normal orientations of those faces.   


REPLACE ASSETS : You can replace one or several assets by another, you can do this for linked assets too. The addon jeeps the orientation of the previous asset. asset_management_replace_linked_assets

EDIT ASSETS : You can Edit an asset directly from the preview. That allows you to make a fast modification of your asset to have it exactly how it should be. The addon will save your current scene, open the asset scene and when you will save it, the addon will open your scene and your asset will be updated.

AND MUCH MORE : With the Asset Management you can : Choose to use existing materials or group to avoir .001, .002 etc Delete unused datas Use active layer The addon saves automatically your scene in the temp when you add an asset to your library Popup to wotk in full Screen (CTRL + Double LMB) You can choose to put the addon in the panel T or N You can add different types of assets to your library.

  • Inserts
  • Booleans Inserts for HardHops
  • Rigged Characters
  • Grass Essential Setups
  • Furnitures for Architecture Visualization
  • Lights Setups
  • Etc..


Scenes features

  SAVE YOUR SCENES WITH CUSTOM THUMBNAILS You can save complete scenes in the Asset Management. You can create libraries, categories and add custom thumbnails. This is really simple and fast. asset_management_scenes

Materials features

  SAVE YOUR MATERIALS You can save you own materials in the Asset Management. You can create libraries, categories and manage your materials. You can link materials too.  


 You can also add your own material render scene to cusomize your thumbnails ! 

HDRIs features

  You can save you own HDRI’s maps in the Asset Management. You can create libraries, categories and manage your maps. You can add several maps at one time, you just have to select them and click ok ! You can also edit you map directly in the 3d view :

  • Rotate the map
  • Hide it
  • Blur it
  • Change the gamma
  • Change the power
  • Change the saturation
  • Etc.

Compatible with other addon’s like Hardops, Carver, speedflow etc

The Asset Management can be used with all the other addons on Blender like Hardops. You can also use it with other render engines since the Asset Management make an append from the library to your scene. This append keeps all the datas attached to your objects, shaders, textures, particles etc. You can create your library easily and use it directly !   SPEEDFLOW AND CARVER COMPATIBILITY You can use speedflow and Carver to make your assets and you can use those assets directly with Carver. Links :   HARDOPS COMPATIBILITY You can have the preview of the Asset Management directly in Hardops. You just have to enable the addon in the preferences. You will have it in the panel and the popup. Link :


Screws & Bolts Free Pack !

With the Asset Management, we offer you a free pack of 43 Assets, Screws & Bolts !  To install this pack, look at this video. You can use this pack with HardOps or in your normal modeling workflow, it’s really efficient.

We hope you will like this Addon, we worked for months on it and we will continue to improve it ! "Customers will have free updates"

We made a complete documentation in English with videos for each parts of the Addon.

For support, come on our Discord server, it's free and easy.

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  • Cf10538d5d3e4eefeb9c06e6e682cc4c

    mishecks about 2 months ago

    I haven't played with it too much but i like it so far, for what i'm using it for.

  • 473fe0edd6a4d4b44052adb280e66c1d

    marco_105 7 months ago

    Blender 2.78 – I just bought it and saw lot of bug appear in console. I install Screw-and-bolt, none thumbnails doesn't appear, i'm little disappointed... the idea still good one !
    You must to be more frank to say that is not a ending product. How can we acces to the update ? Otherwise, you put a line in the preferences to 'doc FR' which is an empty place actually.

  • 2d0add8e8d9d4ab169e03c6c44977556

    Georjack 8 months ago

    Great addon that works fine and save a lot of time!!!

  • Cc3f79ba349673a3ca42a3f7abfeb839

    markus3k 9 months ago

    Hello, if you want to make the thumbnailer work with 2.78b or 2.78c you need to change line 78 in /background_tools/ from bpy.context.user_preferences.system.compute_device_type to bpy.context.user_preferences.addons['cycles'].preferences.compute_device_type

  • 07c7abee6dac43e8816a939d91682fe3

    bradnpx 10 months ago

    Great concept, but way too buggy. Assets fail to add/render constantly, Thumbnails preference page reports error with no explanation, documentation vague and disjointed. Needs more work, would really love to see this improve because when it works it's great

  • Large

    Vavrinec Foltan 11 months ago

    Crashes constantly when importing models. Mostly it crashes when rendering the thumbnail preview. Mac OS X. But has a lot of potential. And once loaded it is great.

  • 8ab01751eb075eef31c7294c55a908b5

    Darek Zielinski about 1 year ago

    I'm not satisfied because I still encounter seriuos bugs in that addon

  • 6ed3ef6a705f8a030af9e60b2cce4f37

    Jorge Losilla about 1 year ago

    It´s a huge timesaver specially for pro work.

  • 9506e717f1dd500cc796920fd69a4927

    apoll about 1 year ago

    the best add-ons!!!!!

  • Fffdf916deaa47e3a42859a266e6c8bd

    brent3d about 1 year ago

    Most used Addon, quick and accessible!

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