Asset Management

by Pitiwazou in Scripts and Addons

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  • Quentin 13 days ago

    A very good add-on which allow user to quicly create his own library.

  • eduardo about 2 months ago

    The best addon in blender!! Allows you to create an organised library, and then to import any asset, material or HDRI into your scene with 2 clicks. Huge time saver!! can't imagine working without it.

  • Joseph England 5 months ago

    The quintessential "You don't know how much you use it ... until you don't have it." package. Hoping a 2.8 version comes... soon.

  • derreiko 6 months ago

    One of the most essetial Addons for me; Looking forward to v 2.8! :)

  • M.M 6 months ago

    The best addon for blender. I can not imagine working without him. You must have it.
    When it will be up to 2.8?

  • tofmusik94 8 months ago

    Thanks very much ! Very Useful ;-)

  • Steve Masterson 10 months ago

    Blender 2.79b and all works as expected, this is a terrific addon and crucial for workflow. I am new to Blender coming from Modo and Maya and have spend a bundle to bring Blender to have the workflow that I need, and if I could only keep one addon it would be this.

  • BlindBird about 1 year ago

    Most useful addon for blender, just get it , can't live without it

  • Monkok about 1 year ago

    The addon itself is pretty useful, but seems like the author has abandoned it, as it was not updated since version "Compatible Blender 2.78a for now" (which it is not, considering user fixes needed after installation to make it work) and contains many bugs

  • papasmurf7777 over 1 year ago

    Awesome addon!!

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