Asset Management

by Pitiwazou in Scripts and Addons

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  • RubenRybnik 2 days ago

    This is a fantastic addition to my workflow, I also sync the library directories between all my computers so I can jump between and always have the same assets available. Haven't seen a single major hiccup yet and love the fact that the addon flags and tells you when there are updates ( wish all would do this or blender would add a feature to allow auto updates but I digress ). To be honest I did struggle with the cost, would have liked to see $25-$30 range, however given the amount of usage it gets and the frequent updates I feel a lot better about dropping $40 on the addon and supporting the developer. Great work!

  • Rick about 1 month ago

    Amazing! I've spent a weekend organizing my assets with this. Really great tool.
    I like how it organizes the assets by leveraging the file system. It makes it easier for me to sync remote/mobile workstations. Also, the ability to reconfigure the hierarchy of assets at the file system level and everything just falls into place on next startup.

  • Patopo Studio about 2 months ago

    I like this addon. helps me a lot. but, when I append on Blender 2.8, the collection is not the same as the source. Is there any possibility in the future that you add this feature? because collection makes my outliner easier to see. also, on my production. we have unique asset for every episodes. we depend on appending object very much.

    • pitiwazou about 2 months ago

      For support, use the support channel ;)

  • Brian Ericson 2 months ago

    Thanks for the hard work!

  • Quentin 3 months ago

    A very good add-on which allow user to quicly create his own library.

  • eduardo 4 months ago

    The best addon in blender!! Allows you to create an organised library, and then to import any asset, material or HDRI into your scene with 2 clicks. Huge time saver!! can't imagine working without it.

  • Joseph England 8 months ago

    The quintessential "You don't know how much you use it ... until you don't have it." package. Hoping a 2.8 version comes... soon.

  • derreiko 9 months ago

    One of the most essetial Addons for me; Looking forward to v 2.8! :)

  • M.M 9 months ago

    The best addon for blender. I can not imagine working without him. You must have it.
    When it will be up to 2.8?

  • tofmusik94 11 months ago

    Thanks very much ! Very Useful ;-)

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