Animation Layers

by Tal Hershko in Scripts and Addons

Is it working on blender 2.80?

No, it has a lot of errors with Blender 2.80. It is working good from blender 2.81 and onwards but recommended to use it on 2.83 since it is where I currently develop and test it

Why is my character puffs up like a balloon when I merge the Layers?

Please make sure that your first base layer stays with 'replace' blend mode. If you will use 'add' blending it can influence the scale.
If you already have an animation with the an 'add' blend mode in the base layer and you want to fix it, then you can add a new empty base layer with a 'replace' blending (add new layer and move it to the bottom) and then merge the old base layer into the new empty one

Can this addon be used in conjunction with the NLA editor?

No, it is rignt now working instead of the NLA and not together with the NLA. When you start the addon then it will also remove the old NLA tracks.
After working with animation layers you can always turn it off and continue working with the NLA
It is planned in the future to make it work better together, without removing your NLA tracks when starting (or at least it will be optional)

Is it possible to group or link Layers?

No, but it's a great idea. I'm considering it as a feature request for the future.
Right now you can load an action quickly into a layer by selecting the layer and then selecting the action in the action editor

I've installed the Animation Layers addon, but the panel isn't showing up. What am I doing wrong?

The addon is working per object. So you probably just need to select an object or armature if you want the animation layers tab to appear