X-Pose Picker 4.0

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Welcome to Animator's Heaven!

X-Pose Picker is designed as a universal, multi-platform tool for riggers and animators. It is a way to select things and control things inside of Blender and other supported software. just like it's used in professional studios. With X-Pose Picker you're able to create layouts and control your character easier and faster than ever before. Add-on lets you focus on the design, creativity and to significantly speed up the workflow with extremal learning curve.

Mike and Anna body and head *.xpix pickers included! Download Mike (by Artell), free character rigged with Auto-Rig Pro here and check out its capabilities.. (X-Pose Picker installed is required)

X-Pose Picker is now part of #EpicMegaGrants program.

With X-Pose Picker add-on purchase some exclusive materials  and services are provided:

  • X-Pose Picker Blender add-on download access for all available platforms:     Mac, Linux and Windows PC

  • access to the documentation, templates, examples and tutorials   

  • easy integration with multiple 3D Software making your picker universal,     favorite tool

  • Product lifetime Support and Updates

Main X-Pose Picker features:

  • simple but flexible *.xpix file format based on open source software solutions
  • powerful, single click x-mirror feature
  • works with any rig (Rigify, Auto-Rig Pro, Blenrig5, Blenrig6, Mixamo, others including custom rigs)
  • full svg custom button shapes support
  • copy, paste buttons also between tabs
  • undo, redo to make errors more forgivable       
  • tabs duplication
  • custom keymap
  • three button types with update function
  • namespace logic for better selection control and work on multiple characters     and complex scenes  
  •  script host execution and embed simple python script editor
  • multiple tab projects
  • append tab feature allows composition of layouts from different projects
  • highly customizable window layout    
  • powerful viewport navigation tools
  • z-order option for advanced layout creation       
  • buttons alignment and distribution tools    
  • cross-platform    
  • easily reusable pickers for other characters    
  • easy to integrate with existing 3d software    
  • left or right mouse button selection          
  • auto-focus on host application and auto-move mouse cursor allowing to work on multi-screen configuration with ease    
  • generic rig layout templates
  •  drag'n'drop for xpix project files, backgrounds and svg button shapes
  • automatic script triggering on active tab change. 
  • at last but not least, can be used as an extra tool for custom UI getting all useful options organized in one place


    The purpose of the X-Pose Picker is to provide set of tools allowing to create picking layouts, interfaces for selection and controlling characters and 3d objects at maximum fidelity. Highly customizable and easy in use at same time is perfect tool not only for professionals but also ones who's just started their experience with 3D graphics and animation. 

    Main motivation is to make X-Pose Picker the tool of choice for riggers and animators on daily basis. That's why it's designed as a multi-platform program, equipped in simplified python script editor and easy to implement host server, which gives possibility in the future to use it in 3D Software like Maya, Unreal Engine or Unity by writing extensions. Easy to share *.xpix file format has been designed with teamwork in mind. This allows studios to improve their production pipeline from rigging to animating their CG characters.

Clean up your viewport!

Change this... 

                                                                                           ...into this!


Flexible Interface

Play with Picker's User Interface. Name  and organize Tabs, hide window frame and  clean your workspace from menus.

Be precise and fast like a laser!

Thanks to alignment tools all of your pickers will always look great, with no additional effort from your side.

Button overshadowed by its neighbor? Bring it to the top with no struggle.

Use X-Mirror, be smart.

Don't waste your time on repetitive tasks! Use X-Mirror, be smart! With various available tools for pasting your work will be easy and fast.

Unleash the power of scripting!

execute Blender script snippets with picker's interface.

Impossible is nothing!

One to rule them all... Thanks to its design, X-Pose Picker can be easily ported to Unreal Engine, Maya or other programs supporting scripting and TCP/IP protocol. Use your favorite picker in the whole production pipeline.


version 3.1.9 8th May 2024

  • fixed module reload

version 3.1.7 10th April 2024 

  • updated for Blender 4.1
  • added full support for new rigify including x-mirror
  • fixed crash on x-mirror on specific scenario
  • improved stability
  • ported new picker to support older blender versions
  • bugfixes

Current add-on version: 3.1.7

You will get internal blendermarket mail notification on every new release

Full changelog and ROADMAP have been moved to Documentation TAB

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Blender Version 4.2, 4.1, 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4, 3.3, 3.2, 3.1, 3.0, 2.93, 2.83
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