Waterial - Animated Ocean Water Material For Eevee & Cycles - 2.79+2.8

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Release log:

2020/08/10: fixed issues with Eevee volume and redid some parameters

2019/08/23: added 9 types of coconut palms

2019/06/10: added Boat Wake feature + cleaned the material a bit + properly named and separated into layers all objects in the scene + separated textures into a zip

2019/06/05: waterial first release


Waterial is an advanced material for creating animated water surfaces with low memory requirement and much less performance intensive than simulations. Node-Group with descriptions allows lots of changes to the material to be rather easy. 

You can buy it either here as a separate product or check out the entire material library that has waterial already included here: https://www.blendermarket.com/products/materialiq 


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boat wake wave controlled by empty: Animated water Node-Group

Water Shoreline Waves animated Node-Group

Smart Beach Material Adjusting to Water utilizing it's Object Origin

Bonus Content

Beach Umbrella 

5 Rock Models 

Beach Furniture 

Frosted Water Material 

9 models of Coconut Palms

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Waterial is also part of the material library for Blender called materialiq which you can see here: https://www.blendermarket.com/products/materialiq