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Render Manager Addon for Blender 2.81+ Cycles, Eevee, Octane & LuxCore


2021/01/11: renderset 1.4.0 - post render actions - copy any result files anywhere you want - allows fully custom file names and locations, open results folder reworked, render context names are now always custom, avoid creating empty folders when a render is canceled, warn about using a fixed seed when rendering animations, new operator - create render contexts from selected cameras


Renderset helps you to save your time and frustration when rendering multipe renders from one .blend file. It remembers your cameras settings, allows you to batch render and saves your renders into their specific files.

Renderset is a render management addon coming with a concept of render contexts to store various still/animation render settings in one .blend file thus allowing to switch between them fast to fine-tune each separately and then also render & save them one by one.

Supported renderers: Cycles, Eevee, Octane and LuxCore

When creating multiple renders from one .blend file usually each needs:

  • an active camera used for rendering (FoV, DoF, ..)
  • a different world to light the scene (HDR, Sky Texture, ..)
  • various exposure/contrast based on the amount of light
  • to possibly have certain collections turned on/off
  • its own sample count as they differ in complexity
  • correct dimensions (portrait/landscape, scale, ..) 

Our projects require multi camera scene setup and ability to switch between variations easily  and we have spent so much time having to remember which cameras/worlds/collections/settings are needed for correct output and even more time saving all the render passes manually while keeping our naming conventions.  

Now renderset is the solution to avoid error-prone clicking around in Blender   to set the scene correctly for any view needed to be re-rendered.  

Render Context

Renderset revolves around the concept of render contexts each storing its own scene state. Switching between them is quick and reliable. They are stored in the .blend file and load up on any computer with renderset.  

Every Render Context stores:    


Stored Render Visibility

Set render visibility per collection for each render context. Save time and RAM by only rendering what's necessary and avoid manual checking. P er object visibility can be enabled in renderset preferences but is slower in huge scenes.

Render Context Lister

Context Lister displays render contexts in an easy to read table for comparison.

Common Render Settings at hand

Many render related settings are spread out across Blender so we have picked the most common ones and placed them in the renderset panel.

Render All / Batch Rendering

Render all contexts with one click

Have you got all render contexts set up and ready to be rendered?

Renderset can automatically render them one by one, saving each to the specified folder (absolute/relative path) and also store each in its respective render slot for checking/tweaking in the morning.

Renderset will automatically render each checked context into its respective render slot (first context into the first slot etc.).  

Autosave of Render Passes

After the render is finished, renderset saves all enabled render passes into a time-stamped folder based on the render context name and the date of rendering.

Custom folder preferences

To save you some trouble with sorting through your render results, simply set up your custom folder path and naming convention. Use one of the presets we provide or set a custom path using renderset variables.


The addon and showcase scene "cottage" can be used royalty free. However the additional showcase scene "house" uses car assets from our traffiq addon and those are under editorial license. The rest of the scene is royalty free.

Both showcase scenes additionally use a couple of materials from materialiq material library and some assets from botaniq tree library. They also feature a couple of our new grass assets that we're preparing for botaniq 6.0.


2020/11/02: renderset 1.3 - open results folder from blender UI, denoise image is now saved, GUI/UX improvements, fixed a bug where deleting a context will apply its properties to another one, fixed a rare crash when rendering many contexts in a row

2020/08/31: renderset 1.2 - fixed a bug when rendering animations, luxcore renderer support, GUI improvements, bugfixes

2020/08/14: renderset 1.1 - optionally remember all restriction toggles, added Octane renderer support, fixed a bug related to duplicated objects and collections

2020/08/04: renderset 1.0 - initial release


Feel free to join our discord channel about renderset for support, ideas or a friendly chat -!

Let us know what you think! 

Need a specific feature implemented?

We will update renderset based on your requests and feedback.

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