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Likely the only product of ours that actually saved us more money than it made.. 💰 Which is not that easy!

Are you often annoyed with rendering countless different variations of a scene?

renderset will save you many hours a week, no more waking up at 3am to start another render.

    Render Contexts

  • Change the context of your scene with a click of a button!

    These 4 Render Contexts each remember different Cameras, Worlds, Collections, Frames and Settings.

    Render Contexts can be both a still image or animation

    Multiediting of render contexts is coming pretty soon. So you will be able to select contexts you want to edit and change it everywhere at once. We need to implement some safeguards though so people don't overwrite stuff accidentaly.

    Batch Rendering? Yes.

  • Once your scene and contexts are ready, just press "Render All" and let renderset do its magic! 🪄

    Afterwards all checked contexts are rendered and saved based on your renderset preferences setup.

    You can find amazing, great and detailed instruction regarding the "Post Render Actions" in our Documentation.

    Context from Viewport

  • Move your view, click a button and.. that's it, like a snapshot!

    New context and camera are created from your current view.

    FYI your scene needs to have at least 1 camera. Otherwise there's a little bug we must fix.

    Context per Camera

  • Select cameras, press a button and get contexts!

    Files from our clients often contain lots of cameras... Context per Selected Cameras button makes this instant.

    This is even better when cameras have correct names, we then just #renderall and send the first round immediately.

    User Interface

  • Clean and streamlined UI

    UI was redone to be easier to navigate and simpler to understand.

    We keep the really important settings at hand. 👌

    More variables are stored per context than you see in the menu - it would take too much space otherwise. However in the future, you will be able to right click anything and decide if you want it stored or not!

    Rendering Passes

  • renderset automatically saves all the checked passes.

    Passes can be used to split rendered images into i.e. colors, direct and indirect light to edit them individually, and also to extract data such as depth or normals.

    Passes are not saved for each context, but for all of!

Pricing Options

  • 💌 Testimonials

  • We could share many reviews but when it comes to renderset, jorari71 stands out from the crowd.

    Yes he has had many issues that we solved together and he asked so many questions that they actually influenced the development!

    But in the end, as time went by, he kept coming back to share how much he loves renderset and it made us very glad. 🥰

Support & Community

  • 📃 Up to date docs

  • Learn how to use our products and make them work for you!

    If something is missing, please do let us know on our Discord right below! We'll fix it for you and others.

    Discord community

  • Join our Discord to ask questions, get answers and build a nice and helpful community.

    Feel free to also share your work to get feedback, show us your final renders, propose new features or just chat for fun..

  • BlenderFund support!

  • We love Blender and we contribute on average $800 monthly to the Development Fund!

    We became Corporate Bronze sponsors on 21st August, 2021.

    If you visit the Blender Conference, we'll be among the Silver Sponsors there so come by and visit our booth!

Release Log

2023/11/15: renderset 1.9.1
Blender 4.0 support, bug fixes.

2023/08/18: renderset 1.9.0
Added support for Turbo Tools, UI cleanup, UX improvement to move context all the way up or down by pressing Ctrl when using the operator, create render context from current viewport view, switch to solid viewport to save VRAM and avoid crashes when rendering, bug fixes.

2023/03/24: renderset 1.8.1
Allow any number of render slots when auto-switching, fixed bugs. New logging system for better customer support.

2022/10/24: renderset 1.8
Added Estimate Memory Usage (Beta) operator.

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Published almost 4 years ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4, 3.3
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