Urbaniac! Streets, Roads And Highways

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Professional Solutions for Urban Scenes

Meet the Library

Part of a library family:

"Ur! Street, Roads & Highways" is a stand-alone expansion that complements our well-known and successful add-on "Ur! City Asset Pack." It extends the content and offers greater variety in the specific topic of this library. For all those who already own Ur! CAP in its PRO version, they can access this library with an attractive discount.

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Pavement and Sidewalks: A Modular System

Our new modular system for pavements and sidewalks offers a remarkable balance between flexibility and user-friendliness. It operates similarly to a "slot car racing track" where each module can be easily adjusted for attributes such as curvature, inclination, or length. Moreover, we provide options ranging from urban streets to elevated highways, ensuring a seamless experience for all your design needs.

If you are looking for more general urban elements, Ur! CAP

Asset Browser: New feature!

The new version of our add-on seamlessly integrates with Blender's official asset browser, enabling a more efficient and intuitive workflow. This new method of adding objects to your scene greatly streamlines the process of creating your cities.

Early Access Library: 106 Assets and Growing!

This library is currently in Early Access and offers 106 assets, including props such as highway signs, traffic signals, traffic lights, barriers, road markings, and potholes, as well as pavement modules for sidewalks, streets, intersections, highways, and elevated highways. In the future, we will continue to add more modules, further increasing the flexibility of the library.

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Meet the Add-on

Lights Control:

You will be able to control the lights of your entire scene from the Launcher panel. With this, all your Urbaniac! libraries, will instantly and in real-time change the intensity and quantity of the lights turned on. Control the streets lights, building lights and traffic lights from a single place. Switching between a daytime and nighttime scene has never been easier. The values can be animated to create spectacular animations.

VFX Control:

From the same scene configuration panel, you will be able to add special effects like snow, wet surfaces, and animated raindrops on all the surfaces of the "Urbaniac!" libraries, all changing simultaneously and in real-time, both in Cycles and EEVEE. The best part? You can easily add these special effects to your materials!

What do you get?

Up to 106 Urban Assets: click here to meet them

Whether as an expansion or a stand-alone package, "Urbaniac! SRH" is a powerful ally when it comes to creating scenes that demand high-quality 12K asphalt, intricate highway structures, or complex urban streets. This add-on will greatly enhance your workflow and allow you to make the most out of its versatile features.

Drag and Drop Assets with Ease

The fully integrated Blender Asset Browser now allows you to effortlessly drag and drop elements into your scene. The add-on's graphical interface enables you to easily and intuitively adjust a significant portion of the assets, such as module extensions or the width of sign structures. It's a user-friendly, fast, and robust system at your fingertips.

An Ecosystem of Libraries at Your Fingertips

You can combine the different libraries of Urbaniac! and have them seamlessly work together in your scene. For example, you can control the lights of all your buildings from a single location, or add snow, water, or rain to all the surfaces of various assets from different Urbaniac! libraries. The seamless integration allows you to have complete control over your entire scene, making it easier and more efficient to create your desired environment.

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Nº Assets +180 +106 +75 +30
Ur! Launcher
Ur! Coupons X X X
Type of library Stand-alone Stand-alone/expansion Stand-alone/expansion geometry node
Future Updates More assets More assets More assets More assets

DISCLAIMER: The add-on is currently in the development phase (Early Access). We reserve the right to make modifications to the features presented on this page. The images on this sale page are ilustratives and can or cannot be representatives of the final product. Your purchase and positive feedback are greatly appreciated as they help us continue developing our products. Please read the installation manual (click the "manual" button at the top of the page) for detailed instructions.

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