Ur! Industrial District (Early Access)

by MassunPatricio in Models

Professional Solutions for Urban Scenes

Meet the Library

+75 PBR Industrial Assets

Our library offers an extensive collection of over 75 assets related to the industrial theme, meticulously developed to assist you in creating exceptional and impressive compositions. Each asset has been designed to meet the highest standards of quality, considering real-world measurements, PBR materials, and a moderate polygon count, ensuring detailed yet efficient models. Additionally, you can explore our other asset packs from "Urbaniac!" for more urban-themed content. With this asset pack, you can save time and money when composing your industrial scenes.

Click here to view a complete list of the elements included in all our libraries.

Control the assets from the UI

Our assets are engineered to empower you with seamless control over essential elements directly from our add-on's user interface. These include lights, liveries, animatable components, array modifiers, and more. This streamlined approach enables swift configuration of elements from a centralized position, facilitating real-time adjustments to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Asset Browser

The add-on seamlessly integrates with Blender's official asset browser, facilitating a more intuitive workflow. This method significantly streamlines the process of creating your cities, providing an effective and fast way to build complex scenes while maximizing the tool's capabilities.

Building Fachades: A Modular System

Our innovative modular system for industrial building facades strikes an impressive balance between flexibility and user-friendliness. Operating similarly to a "slot car racing track," each module can be effortlessly adjusted in length directly from the user interface. With a vast array of building styles to choose from, creating an industrial district has never been easier.

If you're interested in a procedural building generator, you might find another one of our add-ons interesting: Ur!Building Generator (BG)

Industrial vehicles of various types and sizes

The asset pack includes various types and sizes of industrial vehicles, such as trucks and trailers, along with a forklift and a container crane. Each type of vehicle is meticulously designed to achieve a balance between visual quality, polygon count, and VRAM consumption. Variations are provided for some vehicles to avoid repetition patterns when creating large scenes with hundreds of vehicles.

If you are looking for streets, roads, and highways to have your trucks rolling, you might be interested in: Ur!Streets, Roads & Highways (SRH)

Meet the Add-on

Lights Control:

You will be able to control the lights of your entire scene from the Launcher panel. With this, all your Urbaniac! libraries, will instantly and in real-time change the intensity and quantity of the lights turned on. Control the streets lights, building lights and traffic lights from a single place. Switching between a daytime and nighttime scene has never been easier. The values can be animated to create spectacular animations.

VFX Control:

From the same scene configuration panel, you will be able to add special effects like snow, wet surfaces, and animated raindrops on all the surfaces of the "Urbaniac!" libraries, all changing simultaneously and in real-time, both in Cycles and EEVEE. The best part? You can easily add these special effects to your materials!

What do you get?

Up to +75 Industiral Assets: click here to meet them

We have developed a vast array of industrial assets to help you effortlessly compose your scenes with high-quality and detailed objects. This way, you can focus on the key elements of your composition, leaving the task of filling empty spaces to us. With Urbaniac!, we cater to your needs at an incredibly affordable price.

Outstanding Adaptability with Modular Assets:

The library features a series of modularly created elements, such as industrial buildings, perimeter fences, pipelines, and seawalls. With them, you will be able to create complex scenes that easily adapt to your needs. All of them use our "handlers" system for easy positioning.

An Ecosystem of Libraries at Your Fingertips

You can combine the different libraries of Urbaniac! and have them seamlessly work together in your scene. For example, you can control the lights of all your buildings from a single location, or add snow, water, or rain to all the surfaces of various assets from different Urbaniac! libraries. The seamless integration allows you to have complete control over your entire scene, making it easier and more efficient to create your desired environment.

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Nº Assets +180 +106 +75 +30
Ur! Launcher
Ur! Coupons X X X
Type of library Stand-alone Stand-alone/expansion Stand-alone/expansion geometry node
Future Updates More assets More assets More assets More assets

DISCLAIMER: The add-on is currently in the development phase (OPEN BETA). We reserve the right to make modifications to the features presented on this page. The images on this sale page are ilustratives and can or cannot be representatives of the final product. Your purchase and positive feedback are greatly appreciated as they help us continue developing our products. Please read the installation manual (click the "manual" button at the top of the page) for detailed instructions.

Sales 40+
Dev Fund Contributor
Published 4 months ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4, 3.3
Render Engine Used Cycles, Eevee
Misc Data Rigged, Normal-Mapped, Textured
License GPL
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