True-Terrain 3.0

by Richard Traynor in Models

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  • cartoonsong about 12 hours ago

    So Very Heavy

    • RJT Productions about 11 hours ago

      Hi there,

      Could you please explain what you mean by this?

      I'm sure if you'd have contacted me for support then there wouldn't be a need for such an ambiguous negative review.

      Kind regards


  • ken takahashi about 14 hours ago

    This quality is really amazing at this price.


    • RJT Productions about 11 hours ago

      Hi Ken,

      Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it.


  • Jeff 22 days ago

    Gives incredible results if you follow the instructions. Takes a bit of time to learn the material tricks/nodes/adjustments, but is a mega time saver when you have the workflow set up. Also does take a bit of time to render in cycles.
    Looking forward to the updates, very happy with my purchase!

    • RJT Productions 22 days ago

      Thank you for taking the time to write this Jeff, it's very much appreciated.

      I'm always looking at ways to optimise work flows, so if you have any advice or feedback, join us on the discord channel. You can find the link in the documentation page on this store front.


  • Yves Zairre Sabello 25 days ago

    I love this. I can generate mountains, water, rocks, and more. I'm using PC w/ GTX 980ti, 64GB Ram, SSD and AMD TR 1950x CPU, it does run smooth on my viewport w/ shader on, only thing missing i think is to generate pathway surface like road so i can import car and make it run around the terrain.

  • JR Soldano 25 days ago

    Decent looking. Most particle items are worthless unless you can rotate them on the z axis to make them look different, otherwise you have a cluster of trees that have identical trunk shapes. You can rotate them in every direction except z, which is silly. Also, trees, plants and rocks default to emitting from both sides of the terrain mesh... again, ridiculous. Nice, I suppose, for creating deep background terrain that's out of focus, otherwise fairly worthless.

    • RJT Productions 25 days ago

      Hi there,

      The trees can be rotated along the Z-axis, if you wish. You just go into the rotation tab, and enable object rotation under the render settings, as advised in the tutorials and help documentation. Also in this tutorial here where you can click the timestamps to skip to the particle settings:

      It'd be much better if you contacted me on the discord channel linked in the product documentation page, or via emails, before leaving a negative review about something, as I'm highly active responding to all queries.

      The trees are not designed to be used for close-up renders, as it's a terrain tool and not a tree addon. These assets are just to add more life to your scenes.

      Kind regards


  • Kei Muratagawa 26 days ago

    It's too heavy to edit the material. Much heavier than True Terrain 2.x.

    I have Ryzen 3700X and RTX 2080. After placing the terrain, setting the default terrain material and adding water, the viewport FPS drops to 3-4 in material preview mode. I cannot even display it on EEVEE.

    I know that the rendering quality is very good, but due to its bad performance, I can hardly create a scene.

    I would like some more "light" versions of this add-on, or some tips on how to get better performance.

    • RJT Productions 26 days ago

      Hi Kei,
      Thanks for getting in touch.

      True terrain, is not a realtime tool, and was never designed to be. You can create scenes in this addon using eevee, there are certain modes that are not supported by Eevee. And this is what causes the sluggish viewport. Staying in cycles will stop this happening. The water also uses a volume, and this is also why you're viewport is slow with Eevee or the workbench engine.

  • cagdas 28 days ago

    A very successful plugin. Impressive results.
    But there should be some ready-made solutions for new users like me.
    For example, ready solutions such as pool, lake, river should be added.

    • RJT Productions 28 days ago

      Hi Cagdas,

      This is a great idea, and something that I'll look into. It's possible to make some buttons that have predefined settings for things like that.

      Thanks for your support. Rich

  • Yung Hahn about 1 month ago

    In a word, Fabulous addon. Easy to use, Reality, All in one package.

    I hope the following updates for a future version.
    1. In my case, Particle system "active to default" doesn't work in 2.82, 2.832.
    2. For the water, some of the presets would be nice like Twinmotin or Lumion.  Because it's hard to set up the right colors and all settings from scratch, it will be helpful presets such as pool, river, lake... as a starting point for a further tweak.

    One note. For correct displacement in water waves and rocks, don't forget to set cycle, experiment, and adaptive subdivision in the subdivision modifier tab. I spent some time to find out what's wrong with water waves in 2.83

  • andreas about 1 month ago

    I really have to say, this add on is awesome. I am pretty new in True Terrain, but the Version 3.0 is simply great. The interface is nice and easy to understand. So easy that even a beginner is able to create stunning terrains in minutes.

    The shaders are just fantastic. I have not all tested at the moment, but all i have tested looking so great. The presets are extremley helpful to get started. But is also easy to create whatever you want, because of all the available options. But they are just there if you need them.

    The same with the particle systems. Easy and fast setup.
    The only thing i struggle with, is the water shader. But that is just a thing of the right settings i guess. I use E-Cycles ( which is the best render engine for blender btw. ). Maybe this caused problems.

    I will tell the creator what i will explore. :)
    However, the terrain generator and all the fine shaders are worth the money alone. It is really a great tool to produce stunning terrains and landscapes. And very important: It is fun to use and to play with. So far the best terrain generator i have used in my 3D universe.

    We want that the creator is always motivated to develop the add on further.
    So get it right now. You will not regret it ! :o)

    Oh i forgot something. It is just one file to install, and a well written PDF for help. Another plus point.

  • Vlad about 1 month ago

    Awesome addon! I was looking for a long time. Its really helps to save a lot of time. Strongly recommend it!

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