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What is True-Terrain? 

True-Terrain is an 'All-in-one' product. A product with a series of Custom Shaders, models and particle systems, that will allow you to create a fully believable, and photo-realistic environment using just blenders own internal tool-set.

True-Terrain has been created with realism in mind, and ALL of the materials in True-Terrain, generate and render, based on realistic values, which have been carefully put together, to mimic that of the real world. This means that, when you add dust to your terrain, or snow, or generate a water level based wet-map, they will all generate procedurally, and naturally based on that of the true world values.

The best; cheapest, and currently only product that offers powerful, dynamic 'Auto-mapping' terrain shaders.

True-Terrains, shader groups, have been carefully created, so that you can tweak every possible value, and be able to snap new groups into the current node tree, without the need to add all sorts of different mix nodes. If you want to add dust, to the crooks and crevices of your terrains, then the base terrain shader already has this option added in. If you want to add a top layer of heavy snow, then all you need to do, is drop one of the two powerful 'snow mask' tools, into the node tree just before the shader output node, let blender automatically snap into the pass-through and add your top-layer of snow.

Once you apply the True-Terrain material to your mesh, you will discover a world (pun intended) of possible terrain environments you can create.

You need to add some grass, flowers, trees or rocks to your scene? 

Append one of the particle systems from the appropriate .blend into your scene, and there you have it. All the Particle systems, are set up, and ready to render. All you will need to do, is scale the hair particles in the particle settings, to suit your style, and Render!

How does it all work?

True Terrain comes complete with:

  • 3 different HDRi scene files @3 different resolutions each, and a custom world shader to light your scenes.
  • Over 15 different Rock models with custom shaders
  • A Nature pack, including grass, several flowers, trees, weeds and leaves
  • Gravity based snow mapping shaders
  • Gravity based dust mapping
  • Terrain mapping; allowing you to determine where your mesh generates 2 different materials E.G slope materials and ground materials, of which, you can adjust the terrain node group sliders, to determine whether more ground, or more slope is mapped
  • Wetmap generation
  • 6 different texture groups, which have been built so you just need to snap the appropriate connections to your shaders, to map them onto your model
  • A customer water shader, with an 'Snow/Ice' slider, which will allow you to freeze your lakes and rivers realistically.
  • Custom grass, leaf, and flower shaders, with options to turn SSS on or off, change the amount of SSS and ageing of the models
  • Ageing of rocks, leaves, plants and grass, which will age randomly across the objects, so their is a natural variation across your scene.

You no longer need to spend hours of your time, or your hard earned cash; just so you can have a beautiful terrain! 


  • Help documentation added, to provide detailed information on setting up the correct settings, depending on your machine specifications


  • New Demo Video
  • Shader overhall for the Nature assets and True terrain main shader
  • New Wetmap Integration 
  • Instructions in the shader on how to use wetmaps
  • New Image texture packs for Terrains 
  • updated Ageing, and weathering of Grass
  • 2 New Tree types added


  • New Nature pack included:
    • Grass
    • leaves
    • New Tree type
    • weeds
  • conversion of files from 2.79 to 2.80
  • New HDRi packs
  • New Image texture packs for Terrains 
  • Ageing, and weathering of Grass


  • New Snow mask node groups
    • These allow you to map snow properly to your meshes, based on physical values. There are two groups in the update, 1 is a quick snow group and the other is a pro group. These are simply dropped into the end of your node tree before the surface output and the snow will then generate. (you can add both groups in after another to provide more options)
  • True-Water has been updated, and now has options for adding surface ice and snow
  • Please check the new True Terrain file, to see the groups in action!


Now has addon support:

  • World Generator addon file
    • Comes with it's own panel in the left hand toolshelf
    • This allows for quick changes to the settings, and allows you to apply one of the 2 default materials without having to append them from the True-Terrain file
    • includes commonly used settings for the dust, and base material
  • Includes updated True-Water 2.0 shader
  • Updated HDRI pack, now has 6k, 8k and 16k for anyone running into RAM issues


New Rock Pack and material included in this update:

  • Fully procedural PBR Rock shader
  • optimised for render speed
  • 16 different options to fiddle with
  • Full Control over Displacement with 3 options
  • Rock Weathering!!!
  • microscopic level of detail 
  • no need to UV unwrap!
  • 9 different rock models included
    • 3 small (low poly)
    • 3 medium (low poly)
    • 1 large (mid poly)
    • 1 X-Large (mid Poly)
    • 1 Arch (low-mid poly)
  • Full Customisation 
  • Dust shader procedural Colour inputs (you can get rid of those heavy textures now for the dust shader, if you want...)

What People have to say:

Awesome tool to make realistic terrain and fast. This package is all you need to finnish lanscape. Love it- Nejc

Brilliant just brilliant! Love the rock nodes especially, they bake out nicely same for the terrain, well done and a must needed tool for anyone rendering environments.- brent3d 

Things to come:

  1. More Tree models
  2. EVEN More Rock Models and Materials
  4. True Addon support (custom UI and terrain mesh generator built in!)
  5. Texture seed randomization
  6. Auto-Weight paint implementation for procedural particle distribution
  7. Animated wetmaps
  8. Shader optimisations for SSS when 2.8's new SSS shader is implemented
  9. Procedural Rock, Ground, Grass, sand, dust and snow materials (currently texture based)


Updates to existing buyers will be FREE! And prices will never increase  

Help on settings for device specifications

The above link is best viewed offline, and using a PDF viewer. It is fully interactive when not in a browser, and will allow for better navigation.



This product has been checked for EEVVEE compatibility; It works, however it is NOT optimised for use in this yet! Please do not use this version for use in any Final works you are doing. Please also be aware that EEVEE is currently only in Beta Stage, and any changes in that engine, may affect changes with this product for use in EEVEE. 

Please be aware that the current python script addon for the toolshelf only works in 2.79. 2.80 will have a redesigned toolshelf. You will get an error when you try to install the addon in 2.80

Blender 2.8 Cycles will also add a "Displacement node" between the displacement input of the OUT node, and the noodle from the Displacement group. This is normal! DO NOT REMOVE THIS if you are using a 2.8 version of Blender.

The "how-to" guide is packaged in True Terrain shader file. There is also a how to use the shader text saved in the shader nodes.

"Contains textures from - Textures may not be redistributed"

I hit the viewport render, and the model looks messy and crazy... Like it has loads of spikes?

This is Usually because you have scaled a mesh and not applied the scale. 

Apply the scale to the object, and this should rectify the problem. If it hasn't; then please go into the node editor, and in the displacement node, lower the amount.

My issue isn't here... What do I do?

I am more than happy to reply to any, and all messages.

Please do not hesitate to send me a message here, and I will reply to you as soon as possible. Please send any screenshots of the issue you are having, and I will try my best to rectify the issue for you

I am having issues using this in EEVEE

I have tested this product in EEVEE's latest build (6th of November) and it worked as it should.

That being said, I cannot pass comment on A) the look of the renders compared to Cycles or B) The level of "realtime" rendering your machine can handle

Can I use this product in my Logo?


As I understand, you may use any image you render, as part of your logo or brand. I personally do not mind what you use this product for, provided you do not violate Blender Markets terms or the terms regarding the image textures and HDRi file.

I'm having problems with the colours?

I designed this shader, using the Filmic colour management system. This shouldn't have any drastic changes on how the overall product looks, but everything has been set up, using that colour format. This may mean that your renders may have 'blow-out' (over exposed areas) or be a little de-saturated.

I cannot see the displacement?

Firstly, please check the version of Blender you are using. This product was built using 2.79x variants and tested in the latest experimental builds of 2.8 only.

If you are on these versions, then you will need to enable the "experimental" option in the render tab (where you select CPU or GPU in the properties menu).

Once you have done this, the displacement will activate. The modifiers should automatically switch to 'adaptive'

I get a CUDA/Open CL error after render builds?

You will need to increase the number of pixel dicing either on the modifier tab of the object(s), or; change the pixel dicing number in the 'Geometry' panel under the properties. You may also need to lower the amount of subdivisions in here too, to a more reasonable number. 

This is not a shader/product defect, this is a hardware limitation of your machine.

Am I limited to personal use with this?


You can use this for whatever you please; Commercial, Educational, or personal use.

The only limitations you have are:

  • Do not make any amendments to the core files, rebrand, and/or sell as your own product/work
  • Do not Redistribute or sell the Textures (including HDRi)
  • Do not redistribute/sell or give away in any format (websites, file sharing platforms, hard copies etc)
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  • Michael 5 days ago

    I purchased this when it first came out, and Richard was quick to respond to my questions. Due to the unstable life that military work brings, I haven't been able to take advantage of it much. But I can see the update log since I last used it has incorporated some good features and enhancements, and I know Richard has put a lot of care into making this one of the best terrain plugins of its kind.

  • nejc 3 months ago

    Awesome tool to make realistic terrain and fast. This package is all you need to finnish lanscape. Love it

  • pinteractive 4 months ago

    I haven't had a lot of time to play with it, but based on the video the possibilites are amazing. So I had no doubt and deceided to support the project.
    I told the author about some more videos where we can see how this works. He answered really quick, and I know this takes a lot of time, but is great to know new videos are in the making.

  • brent3d 4 months ago

    Brilliant just brilliant! Love the rock nodes especially, they bake out nicely same for the terrain, well done and a must needed tool for anyone rendering environments. P.S. please continue releasing updates for 2.79 users, some of us use Octane/Blender v2.79 which won't be going to v2.8 until after Blender goes gold.

    • Richard Traynor 4 months ago

      Thank you for your kind words. Support for 2.79 will continue indefinitely! I have began to convert files for 2.80 users but there will always be a 2.79 and 2.80 Variant of each file added from now on. Thank you again, and happy blending!

  • Eric Leo 5 months ago

    Great product, just needs procedural textures. This product actually makes Ant Landscape useful and is fantastic for setting up a base scene. Its really easy to use and I like the fact that you can go in and adjust the node setup.

    Would love to see this develop further. Actually it could almost be a standalone for use in other programs as well.

    • Richard Traynor 5 months ago

      Thanks for your kind words! There will be procedural textures in soon, and many more updates to come. :)

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