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  • Arf
    4 days ago

    I tested with Blender 3.0 and Blender 2.90. It works fine, this addon is awesome. Great QUALITY!!! I really love it and I highly recommend!!

  • Nout
    9 days ago

    Appears to be powerful, but the lack of documentation for this pricey addon is not acceptable. The provided .pdf is not helpful at all. The samples on the GitHub page (who's supposed to know that in the first place... why not implement them as a download...) are also useless, the results straight out the box seem broken. Maybe I'm doing something wrong by merely opening the demo file? If so, then documentation would help.
    I realize i could contact the creator in case of issues, but without knowing where to start, this would be a time consuming process.
    All in all, I don't have the time to find out how this works by trial&error. For example, what does the Line ID do? Am I supposed to combine the Line Style node with the Line Art node, and if so, why? What does "Use Line Art: 1" do in the first place, or better yet: what do the parameters of the LineArt node actually do? Because they don't do f#$k all in my case.
    As of now, this addon is pretty useless to me and i regret the purchase tbh.

  • echoform
    29 days ago

    This is a great quality product with great quality customer service. I look forward to more updates as well as getting better at using the ToonKit system.

  • kuruns
    29 days ago

    工夫すればより素晴らしい作品ができます。 そのおかげで苦手だったノードを覚えるきっかけになりました。 
    ただ気になったことがあります。 ベイクするとシームの端にノイズが映ります。 これは余白を多くとっても変わりません。 なぜなら余白にノイズがかかっているからです。 サンプル数を36以上に増やして変化がなく、私の悩みとなっています。 (初心者なので複雑なノードを組んでいるわけではないです)
    インストールについて……私の環境では直接アドオンフォルダに入れることで解決しました。 blender3.0

  • AC
    about 1 month ago

    As other people have written the documentation is useless.
    I managed to get some kind of toon shader working by trial and error, but I still get pixelated shadows (which don't show on any video anywhere)
    2 months ago the developer answered a comment saying a new documentation was being worked on but still nothing. Honestly whoever knows how to use this could write a useful documentation in less than an hour and packing it in the download section. This is the worst case of non-reliability I have ever seen.

    • Cogumelo Softworks

      about 1 month ago

      Hi AC! Our online documentation was attacked by hackers but all content of it is currently available in the PDF format you can download i. The product page. Also there's a dozen of free samples in the GitHub to download and study. Beside it you can contact us anytime for support which we always try to answer asap even with samples when necessary. So if you're having any specific problem please let us know and we will try our best to help you.
  • Francis Polvé
    3 months ago

    for an addons at 50€ the documentation an the examples on GitHub are too light for a newbies .........

    • Cogumelo Softworks

      3 months ago

      Our online documentation was taken down by hackers but we are already working on bring it back and better. During this time you can check the PDF version and the GitHub samples.
  • wungun
    4 months ago

    This product needs documentation and updated video tutorials. I bought this product over a year ago and still no documentation or current demos on how to fully use this. I want to do more with this than just put a 1 tone toon shader on a walking tank. Update your content and show us how to fully use the product!

    • Cogumelo Softworks

      4 months ago

      Hi wugun. There's a PDF version of the documentation in your download page and links to free GitHub with dozen of samples. Video tutorials are a nice idea that we can implement in future. Best!
  • AZ
    4 months ago

    ハードサーフェス系はアウトライン制御にID Mapperと組み合わせると相性がいいです。

    • Cogumelo Softworks

      4 months ago

      hi AZ we're working in a new online doc website, during this time you can check the PDF version in your download orders page. Thanks for your support! ;)
  • J H
    4 months ago

    Great addon. I've never had an issue with it.

    • Cogumelo Softworks

      4 months ago

      I'm glad to hear ;)
  • Arnar Adalsteinsson
    4 months ago

    Looks nice , But CPU only is soo slow. I am using a 3090 card so using this is a major slowdown. But again, it looks great !

    • Cogumelo Softworks

      4 months ago

      Hi Arnar. It's OSL based so CPU but the sample count to converge in a noiseless is low as 8! It's blazining fast even in modest CPUs and almost realtime in modern ones. Check the quality profiles in the Toonkit Render properties.

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