Toonkit For Cycles

by Cogumelo Softworks in Scripts and Addons


For NPR and Expressive Artists!

ToonKit for Cycles is the In-House solution developed by Cogumelo Softworks for render NPR, PSR and Stylish Renderings with Cycles. For those that work with Anime, Technical, Arch Viz, Engineering and Expressive Art Toonkit for Cycles is just what you need.

What is the ToonKit For Cycles?

New Nodes for Cycles To Expand your Creativity!

The way that Cycles works today makes it unfeasible to work with NPR rendering. We implement many requested nodes that allow users make stylish renderings with cycles.   Toonkit for Cycles is an add-on for Blender 2.79 and 2.8x (Released as experimental) that implement lots of new shader nodes (based on OSL Shaders) that are seamlessly integrated to Cycles and Blender.

Fast, Powerful, Interactive

Toonkit for Cycles is based on OSL shaders that are fully interactive and integrated in Cycles Node System and Blender’s Viewport. ToolKit shaders are Lightning Fast and most of they will converge to noiseless production quality image in only 32 samples!

Power To The Artists!

In Toonkit all node outputs are Colors , it includes Shadings, Shadows, and Specular that you can mix and operate as you wish. No more Mix Restriction for your creativity!

First Line Rendering For Cycles!

Toonkit for Cycles implements two fast and stable Line Rendering nodes for Cycles with controls of the influence of Normals, Depth, Object Id, Silhouette and Vertex Color.

Release Log:

Version 1.3 (Preview 2)

  • [FIX] Problem with Reloading Shaders at startup was fixed
  • [NEW] Added new Shader Selector (Select Shader per View Layer!)
  • [FIX] Fixed updates on frame change.
  • [FIX] Fixed Blender 2.8 name conventions
  • [FIX] Parented Lamps now have correct position and rotations
  • Update Core Redone to support node groups
  • Due many changes starting on this version toonkit will be only compatible with Blender 2.8x.
  • Faster Update System. Only call updates when there's a update on the scene. Reduce the charge in the CPU when using many materials
  • Rework in the Code to much better redeability and organization.
  • Rework in the Core node/material system. All Light/Shading/Shadows nodes was integrated in only one dynamic node called Lamp Shading.
  • Scene Light nodes (Such EasyToon) do not needs Scene Light Info node anymore. So it's removed.
  • Light Info Node was reworked in a more generical Object Info.
  • [FIX] Specular now is based on Shading + Shadow. it reduce problems in border areas
  • [NEW] New LineArt Node: Unified all LineArt modes in one single node.
  • [NEW] EasyToon: Now implements global Line Rendering.
  • [NEW] EasyToon: Specular are now configurable per Lamp in the Light Toonkit Settings. It includes Specular Color, Smoothness and Usage
  • [NEW] EasyToon: If is using Cell ignore the smoothness of lights to better correctness
  • [NEW] EasyToon: Use Lamp Radius to limit the specular influence in Point Lights
  • [NEW] Easytoon: Added final shader output for direct usage
  • [NEW] Easytoon: Added to main menu to better discoverability
  • [NEW] New Toonkit Render Settings with global Line Rendering settings.
  • [NEW] New Toonkit Light Settings for Specular.
  • Better auto tile setup for faster CPU rendering in blender 2.8
  • Better Default values for many parameters in UI and Shaders
  • [NEW] New Documentation website. Work in Progress:

Version 1.2

  • First release to 2.8 (Experimental at this time)
  • New Global Ambient Light
  • New Penetration Mask and Multiblend nodes
  • Initial Support to Render Farms (Embedded Shader Data)
  • Many Fixes and Improvements

Version 1.1

  • EasyToon. A new easy to use, full light scene uber shader to cartoon and stylized rendering.
  • New Full Light Workflow Nodes: Point Light, Directional Light, Scene Light, Directional and Point Specular
  • Many improvements in the Light Info workflow and parameters
  • New and improved Quality Presets
  • New Options and Functions for Line Render. Now works with glass and reflection (limited as Space Screen Effects)
  • Many UI improvements
  • Many bug fixes and speed ups in shaders