Snack Scans - A Food Library

by Vertex Wizards in Models

How many polygons does each model have?

About 200-20k, depending on the object.
Complex objects like our burger have more vertices while others have less.

Can I get the high poly files?

Yes! Just write us a message and we will make sure you get them. Please consider that we did not build materials for the high poly models and we don't guarantee that they work as good as the low poly models.

License applies, do not share the assets.

How many assets are included?

At the moment (release) 59, more assets will be available in future updates.

Are updates free?

Yes, all updates will be free but we might raise the price as we add more assets.

How is the price calculated?

We roughly take 0.50$-1.00$ per model which is quite cheap!

How do I install the Addon?

Please watch our "demo" YouTube video or read the documentation, it's also included in the downloaded ZIP file.

The addon is installed but I can't see any assets?

If for some reason the addon did not automatically find the installation path, make sure you did not rename the zip. If it still does not work, unzip the file AFTER installing and chose the path of the unzipped folder in the addon settings by hand. Make sure to not select any subfolders like /Assets/

If you still have questions watch our "demo" YouTube video.

What can I do if I don't get the addon to work?

Message us! We will do our best to solve your problem, please send us a message before you leave a negative review. Thanks!

I imported an asset into the scene, but can't see it

All of our assets are accurate to scale. That makes them quite small in the 3D viewport though. So if you can't see the asset after importing it, make sure to check if you're just zoomed out too far.

If it isn't imported at all, message us!

The textures of the asset I imported are missing

If the asset's texture files should be lost for some reason, just hit the "Find Missing Files" button in our addon and the textures will be reimported.