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+++Version 2.1 is here!+++

We added some new fruit assets!
The price will change as we add more assets!

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What is Snack Scans?

Snack Scans is a professional high-quality food asset pack containing roughly 90 different types of photoscanned food. All assets have been retopologized and optimized to be used with Blender.

Snack Scans helps you:

  • Improve your renders with highly realistic assets
  • Add details to your characters
  • Make your ArchViz scenes look more realistic with photoscanned food
  • Add crops to your environments

Why you need food

If you look around your house or outside, chances are you'll see food somewhere.

You can find food basically everywhere because it's a basic human need.

Our human eye is so used to seeing it, that most scenes would look incomplete without food in them. So you really need to add food assets to certain renders to make them feel real.

Why most food models aren't realistic

Food is incredibly difficult to recreate digitally. The usual approach to making 3D objects consists of two steps: first modelling the object and then finding and applying a texture.

This workflow doesn't work well for creating 3D food though, because the object and it's texture are directly linked. This means that you can never find the correct food texture for your model online - and you also can't handpaint the amount of detail into the texture yourself.

Food created the traditional way will always look fake, because the object has no relationship to the texture.


A different approach to creating 3D assets is photoscanning. Instead of starting by modelling your 3D object, you start by taking lots of photos of the asset. After that you import all of those photos into your photogrammetry software and let it do it's magic. 

The software will create a highly detailed object and texture from your photo set that is physically accurate and very realistic

The downsides of photoscanning

Unfortunately photoscanning is very time consuming and expensive.

While it sounds like a very easy task, photoscanning food actually takes a loooooong time:

  1. Taking 50-150 photos (30min)
  2. Masking out the background in the photoscanning software (30min-1h)
  3. Waiting for the software to generate the mesh (1-2h)
  4. Retopologizing the mesh (30min-2h)
  5. Baking and fixing the texture maps (1h)
  6. Setting up a realistic material and generating more texture maps (30min-1h)

So in total the process of creating a single food asset, can take a skilled 3D artist 4-7h!

In order to photoscan food assets you also need the correct equipment, which can be quite expensive:

  • A good camera + lens (~500$)
  • A tripod (~40$)
  • A lightbox (~50$)
  • Good photogrammetry software (~170$)

So the equipment you need to photoscan great assets alone costs roughly 800$!!!

And unless you want to work as a professional food modeler, it's a waste of time for secondary assets such as food.

That's why we made Snack Scans

Snack Scans contains 89 different types of photoscanned 3D food assets in 7 categories so far - the largest 3D food collection available on Blender Market! And the number of assets will increase in future updates!

You can enjoy all the benefits of using photoscanned assets without having to invest a lot of time and money into creating them yourself!

Every asset was photoscanned, retopologized and optimized for Blender by us.

Physically accurate

All of our models are physically accurate, because photoscanning results in an exact 1:1 replication of the real object.

So for the first time ever, you’ll have food that's 100% realistic. No texture fakery, or guesswork modelling, everything is honest to the real subject.

All of our models also have the correct real world scale when imported, to make it extremely easy for you to integrate them into your photorealistic scenes.

Optimized for Blender

Most photoscanned models suffer from one problem and that is: overly dense meshes. 
This makes them frustrating to use, as they slow down the viewport and increase rendertimes. 

This is why each food model was carefully retopologized from millions of polygons to an average of 200-20k polys by us. This way you can keep your scenes light and fast while still enjoying a high amount of detail.

All of our models have high resolution texture sets, so our assets can also shine in extreme closeup renders even though they are rather lowpoly.

Easy to use

In order to make it really easy for you to use our assets, we integrated them into an addonJust install the addon and select the asset you want to import. Hit "Import Asset" and you're done! Really easy, right?

You can also specify the position you want the asset to be imported to as well as the texture resolution.

For those of you that prefer to use Blender's built in Asset Browser, we also created an asset browser version of Snack Scans that is compatible with the Asset Browser. Just set up the library and click and drag the assets into the scene! 

Fully customizable

Normally models made by someone else are a pain to use, as you’ve gotta figure out how they built the file and set up the shader, so you can customize it.

That's why all of our assets have easily customizable shader groups. You can adjust all shader properties simply by playing around with the sliders. No fiddling with complicated node setups needed!

Total Value

Due to the amount of time involved, photoscanned food assets normally sell for $20-$40 each. 
That means if you wanted to purchase 80+ different food scans, it'd cost you a staggering 1600$-3200$!

If you wanted to recreate Snack Scans yourself, you'd also need about 800$ of equipment and it would take you roughly 250h!

But Snack Scans doesn't cost 1600$, not even 100$...

Snack Scans is only 45$! 

That's all you pay to never have to worry about food again.

We support the Blender Foundation!

We love Blender! We would like to help it's development. We donate a percentage of each sale to the Blender Foundation for its growth!

What other's think

"In architecture visualization you can't have enough assets to furnish your interiors. This add-on covers photo-realistic food of all kinds perfectly suited to fill your virtual kitchen design with. The user interface provides quick and easy access to this excellent library."

Kai Kostack
3D  Animator & Researcher

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Known Bugs & Errors:

Import at "3D Cursor" does not work perfect, in some cases the model is being added at the origin instead of the cursor.
We're working on fixing this bug!

Our newest fruit models fig & prickly pear have shaders that are only compatible with Blender 4.0+. All other assets are also compatible with older Blender versions.

Older versions of Snack Scans do not work in Blender 3.0+ due to Python API changes. Download our newest version 2.0 if you are using Blender 3.0 or higher.

In newer Blender versions sometimes not all preview images load in the addon version of Snack Scans due to changes made to Blender's image loading. This bug sometimes appears from Blender 3.1.2 onwards. It will hopefully be fixed in future Blender releases.

Camera: Nikon D5600SS
Software: 3DF Zephyr, ZBrush, Blender, 
Team: 11+ years of 3D experience

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Published about 4 years ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0
Render Engine Used Cycles, Eevee
License Royalty Free
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