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  • yuksel
    about 1 year ago

    One of the most useful add-ons. Makes life much easier. Helpful Youtube videos explains a lot also.

    • Sahin Ersoz

      5 months ago

      Thank you, yuksel! :)

  • katotsukamoto
    over 1 year ago

    After the purchase, I asked the author some questions and he was very attentive.
    This add-on is playful and fun to use.

    • Sahin Ersoz

      over 1 year ago

      Thank you, Katotsukamoto! :)

  • Jim
    almost 2 years ago

    Yes, this very good once you grasp the UI. It is tricky and contacting Sahin made a difference and I get it now. He is updating the tutorial to match the current version which is good to know. Do the bridge tutorial first and watch the screen cast keys.

    • Sahin Ersoz

      almost 2 years ago

      Thank you, Jim! :)

  • Paul Schuyler
    almost 2 years ago

    Promising, but bewildering UI. I like the plugin for its potential, but after 2 days of using it, I'm struggling to use it for the most basic tasks. It doesn't help that many of the previous tutorial vids (Youtube/SketchNCarve), are based on previous versions of the program. So for example, I just wrestled for a long time with the concentric shapes option, but that option is no longer visible in the UI. So what to use? The most confusing aspect for me is the camera controls. Yes, I have all of the shortcuts for this Carve Orthagonal camera. But as I use them, the sketches retain their projection along some other parameters. I'd recommend the developer avoid adding features for now, and clean up the UI into some sort of easy-to-use interface, or eliminate old tutorials. I've spent about 30 hours on learning this, and I'm almost as confused as when I started.

  • Jordan
    almost 2 years ago

    This addon is amazing in concept (modeling with grease pencil!), but the UI, which basically consists of a dense wall of options & parameters in the redo panel, needs a major overhaul. My suggestions:

    1) A hotkey that brings up a list of operator presets to quickly choose from (i.e., press and hold the hotkey, move the mouse to the desired preset, let go of the hotkey). This would feel less clunky than having to bring up the redo panel and then click a dropdown just to select a preset.

    2) A more standard, modal workflow, similar to Hardops, Fluent, Speedflow, etc., where a single hotkey brings up a pie menu that allows you to choose between various modals. Each modal can display a HUD with hotkeys for tweaking the operation. This way the user is only presented with information relevant to the specific task they're trying to perform.

    That said, I'm still happy with my purchase. If the UI gets fixed, I'll be even happier!

  • Carl S
    about 2 years ago

    Overall a powerful tool, but held back by the UI / UX
    UI/UX Design is imperative to the value of a product
    I found myself spending way more time trying to understand the UI than actually using the addon, something that's frustrating when you've payed for a product.

    Keep in mind that the tools themselves are powerful, but I value user experience.

  • de miscault
    about 2 years ago

    It took me a couple of hour to get started, but, it was worth the effort. Highly recommended.

    • Sahin Ersoz

      about 2 years ago

      Thank you, de miscault! I appreciate the review and your support!

  • alex paint
    about 2 years ago

    Great tool, many interesting would be good to be able to increase the width of the popup as to see the opions more clearly....i have looked in the code but can't see where the menu dimensions are....

    • Sahin Ersoz

      about 2 years ago

      Thank you for your review, alex!
      At the moment SNC is using Blender default window, and unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way to increase the width beyond it's default for now.

  • Bawaka.NET
    over 2 years ago

    This addon is packed with so many features...damn. Best of all is this guy's customer services; superior and above expectations.

    • Sahin Ersoz

      about 2 years ago

      Thank you, Bawaka!

  • Jason Parker
    almost 3 years ago

    I'm loving Sahin's Sketch N Carve blender plugin. Great tutorials on youtube, smart updates, and fresh perspectives on how to approach age old visual development tasks and processes. 5 stars.

    • Sahin Ersoz

      almost 3 years ago

      Thank you, Jason, for your support and encouragement!! :)

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