Simplebake - Simple Pbr And Other Baking In Blender 2.8

by Status451_CG in Scripts and Addons

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  • Vítor Guerreiro 11 days ago

    Awesome super useful tool! Saves lots of time with an otherwise cumbersome process. the author of the addon is very responsive ith constant updates and very quick replies in regard to support! Thanks for making this awesome tool! :D

    • Status451_CG 9 days ago

      Hey! thank you for taking the time to write this review, and for helping nail that bug in the automatic update. Really happy that you are enjoying SimpleBake!

  • Paul about 1 month ago

    This addon keeps getting polished by a responsive dev who seems to understand what I need with baking maps. I've used it on a number of high profile projects & it's performed great. It saves a ton of time hacking around in blender. It keeps getting easier to use.

    • Status451_CG about 1 month ago

      Thank you so much for these kind words. Fantastic to hear that SimpleBake is useful to you and is supporting high profile projects!

  • Lefèvre about 1 month ago

    Incredible addon. It saves a lot of time. Thanks a lot !

    • Status451_CG about 1 month ago

      Great to hear! Thank you.

  • lynchon 3 months ago

    If you create scenes in blender with huge amounts of objects to be used in a game engine this add-on is a huge time saver for packing textures. I want to give an applause to the developer for such a neat addon. The only thing missing is an atlas map creator for making uv packing more efficient, the smart uv option gives poor results and doing it manually is too time consuming, hope this feature will arrive at some point.

    • Status451_CG 3 months ago

      Firstly, thank you for taking the time to provide this kind feedback. I really appreciate it.

      You make a good point about UVs, and I am taking it on board.
      While I cannot improve UV *unwrapping* itself (like all add-ons, I am more or less limited to the automatic UV unwrap methods that Blender offers – mainly Smart UV Project), following your suggestion, I am currently working on a new feature for SimpleBake whereby you can re-*pack* the existing UVs of all objects being baked to fit one combined UV map. I believe this is what you refer to as an “atlas map”.

      This new feature should be available in the next few days, I just need to finish some testing on it. It will come via a new version of SimpleBake, which will be available for automatic update within the add-on as usual. Look out for the notification in the SimpleBake panel.

      If this does not address your comment, please get in touch with me via Blender Market as I would like to discuss if there are any other ways that I can improve this for you. I am always on the lookout for ways to improve SimpleBake.


  • jybm3d 3 months ago

    Good stuff, awesome support, great results without babysitting. Thanks for the help and the tool.

    • Status451_CG 3 months ago

      Thanks for this review, and for suggesting new functionality to make SimpleBake better. Appreciate it.

  • seth wilson 4 months ago

    Wonderful. It just works. Easy to use. I had an eevee character with several painted normal maps layered and connected to the principled normal input. Switched to cycles-baked normal map-switch back to eevee-plug in the baked image-done! (change the normal map node strength to 2)

    • Status451_CG 4 months ago

      Great to hear. "It just works" is what SimpleBake is striving for! Hassle free baking.

  • Vavrinec Foltan 5 months ago

    I quickly needed help with baking and this addon was just right for me. The price is okay too. Thanks for this product.

    • Status451_CG 5 months ago

      This is great to hear!! Thanks also for taking the time to leave a review.

  • andy 5 months ago

    Mind. Blown. Spending a day or more baking out a scene literally takes less time than a lunch break now. Brilliant add-on.

    • Status451_CG 5 months ago

      Really, really happy to hear this! Thanks for the review :-)

  • Juan 5 months ago

    Brilliant add-on, I was literally dealing with the problem of making multiple maps 10 mins ago (big scene, many objects and complex shaders, I am not even half way through) and a blendernation notification popped up talking about his add-on... I find the coincidence hilarious :D maybe a sign of the universe, I didn't have to even think about it twice, jsut got it. Great work! Thanks!

    • Status451_CG 5 months ago

      Thanks for the review. Great to hear this! Blendernation works in mysterious ways...!

  • Julian Sestanovich 5 months ago

    This tool is how Blender should have handled baking textures from the start! It's a must have for anyone working on games, real time rendering, or optimizing your models for efficient render times! It makes it really easy to bake your materials and use them in other applications. Lastly on a personal note, this addon really saved me a lot of heartache and allowed me to unwrap/bake the lighting data from multiple objects to a single texture. It wasn't something that would have been easy if I was doing it by hand! Well worth $10! Thank you so much for making such a great tool!

    • Status451_CG 5 months ago

      Thank you for taking the time to write this. Really, really happy that you are finding SimpleBake useful. This is great! :-)

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