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    1 day ago

    The coolest.

  • Ilona
    1 day ago

    I purchase this ad-on a while ago. 2 Months maybe? However, about great , like the other sets I got from this vendor. The team is very supportive and friendly. A must have for Blender.

  • James Reilly
    2 days ago

    Absolutely essential. I'm still relatively new to Blender, but Scatter (now GeoScatter...gotta keep reminding myself) instantly makes my scenes come to life. The biome system is pure genius, making it easy to just click a button and dress your world up in whatever way that suits you. It's literally as easy as clicking a button, and, if you get too greedy spreading assets around, GeoScatter has you covered there, warning you that you're approaching the point where Blender would usually crash, and automatically hiding excess assets to allow you to keep working and make the necessary adjustments. It may be more money than your average addon for Blender, but what you get is an absolute bargain for the investment, and the myriad third part "scatpacks" make it an all-in-one solution to populating a scene. From the "trash" to "leaves" to greebles, you can scatter anything in an intuitive and easy to learn (even for an old guy like me) interface. A MUST HAVE.

  • Carl Erik Tengesdal
    24 days ago

    Absolutely nutz.

  • Marvin
    26 days ago

    This is really the best investment for a Blender addon I've ever made. A very clear recommendation!

  • Yifu
    about 1 month ago

    This is an amazing addon, and knowing how awesome it is I would buy it even at triple the price. You should really try out manual scattering. Add a user library at "%appdata%\Blender Foundation\Blender\data\scatter library\_biomes_\Scatter Pro" to use manual scatter straight from the Blender Asset Browser.

  • Jovica Smileski
    about 1 month ago

    Easily the best and easiesr scattering addon, only getting better with time!

  • Siniša Slovenec
    about 2 months ago

    Best addon out there,

  • Hamza
    2 months ago

    Unfortunately this addon has a serious limitation which is that you cannot export the results conveniently to ***any*** modern format (gltf, fbx, etc) without doing extra manual work for scatter5 objects ***each time*** you want to edit then export.

    This is because this addon uses Blender's geometry nodes, which themselves do not support export operations, and this is an abandoned issue for Blender at the moment (issue went to triage 6 months ago, no updates since). So if you need to export your work and iterate on it, note this huge limitation that currently exists with this addon.

    This is likely not the addon developer's fault (doesn't sound like there's a better choice for them to use today?), and they were very quick to respond to my questions, but still this is my actual experience with the addon, and will be yours if you need to export and don't have tooling developer(s). It seems like a really great addon, but the overall iteration experience is not great with my situation.

    • BD3D

      2 months ago

      Hi Hamza, we are sorry that blender exporter does not work properly. It seems that your bad experience is unrelated to our product.
  • RJ17ANA
    2 months ago

    Absolutely love this addon! I struggled to do landscape to complete my 6 months Royal Children's Hospital, SPECIAL THANKS to this amazing addon completed my project. Thank you SO MUCH! 😎

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