Scatter 4.0

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  • Warren Reed 3 months ago

    My web series NJAA is mostly outdoor environments, set in East Africa, where on most streets there is a lot of debris of various kinds, and if not the streets, then you need trees, etc. The add on is already saved me hours hand placing flyers, pebbles, bits of wood, brick, etc. Thank you!

  • Stas 3 months ago

    Nice addon. I would like to say good luck in further development )) It seems to me cutting the grass at the borders (clear edge function ) - would be a great future

  • Robin Sasson 4 months ago

    I've been using this for about a month in Blender 2.91 and have to say that it's excellent.

    The included included are great and I love the included proxy objects for fast view port rendering.

    I've used this tool for scattering the included vegetation, debris, buildings, .

    A recent set dressing scene needed an empty car park filled with vehicles and a static tripod shot was all that was supplied to me.

    This was done easily in Scatter; I created a grid, picked an array face in the Scatter tool, selected the car models, pressed the Scatter button and the car park was filled. Very quick and easy.
    The "random rotation" feature in Scatter was used to make the car parking positions a little more human-like vs perfectly aligned.

    Highly recommended!

  • Jeff 4 months ago

    Amazing product and support! This is worth way more than the asking price and I had an issue that had nothing to do with the plug in ( a blender bug) and Dorian found the answer for me. Can't recommend highly enough.

  • bbcool4444 5 months ago

    It always took me forever to assemble a sophisticated field grass-like, I'm sure it has passed after using scatter for a while.
    And I appreciated that my add-on had been updated automatically while the pro version releasing.

  • MattC3D 5 months ago

    A fantastic addon. There is a great variety of assets readily available, and the existing scatter settings are highly extensible to self-made assets or assets purchased from another product. A must-have for quickly creating highly-realistic nature scenes.

  • Kris 5 months ago

    I'm really enjoying learning all Scatter has to offer. My first support question was answered very promptly.

  • Connor 5 months ago

    Really insane addon for quick concept iteration. Quickly becoming a must-have in my toolbox!

  • Fernando Sanchez 5 months ago

    A good plugin with lots of options for scattering, BUT.. very good for Sacattering up to.. let's say 1 sqr. Km... if you want to scatter large real size terrains (more than 1Km , lets say 20Kms, 100 Kms) ... not this addon. No. Even preparing the masks or tuning it before scattering, it just hangs. I know.. blender limits.. but I think it is absolutly necesary thay the programmer implements pre-fine tune settings so it dont begin scattering as soon as anything is done, AND a better way to LOD vegetation for large scale terrains. That's why I give 3 stars: great for small size things.. BAD for large scale.

    • Dorian Borremans 5 months ago

      Hello Fernando,
      Thanks a lot for your feedback!
      I have a few things to say regarding Scatter optimization and blender viewport performance:

      -Scatter already have "pre-fine tune settings" to hide particles on creation, reduce particle viewport density percentage on creation, set instances to bounding box/proxy on creation. Scatter also has security actions that will automatically do these operations if the custom threshold limits have been reached.

      -"Blender limitation" indeed, i believe that you may have an unreal expectation of what an OpenGL viewport can achieve. While it's completely possible to render billions of particles in cycles, doing the same in a real-time engine such as the live viewport of blender is completely impossible in the year 2020. Games-Engines could achieve the illusion by using complex technologies such as variable distance LOD, billboards, and super optimized normal map - transparency based shaders with their assets. Blender is not a game engine and doesn't possess the same technologies. Rendering complex landscapes in blender ray-tracing engine will require you to hide your particles within the viewport.

      Note that the Scatter plugin is already innovating a lot in this area with a LOD/Proxy system and camera clipping/culling features with advanced options such as ray-casting visibility, not proposed natively by Blender, that is drastically improving the experience for a lot of users out there. And we try to push it even more, by developing a point cloud display technology, currently in Beta testing.

      I hope this answers your Remark.

  • Donald Dade 5 months ago

    This is one of the addons that I simply cannot live without. Support is very fast and there's an incredible amount of detail in the large set up biomes in the Pro version. Kudos to the dev, really, for a job really nicely done... it makes me seem like a much better Blender user than I actually am :)

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