Scatter - The Scattering Tool Of Blender 2.8

by BD3D in Scripts and Addons

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  • melkesedek about 1 month ago

    After years of struggle with lots of good tutorials but without success (my fault). I now can integrate acceptable nature in my architecture renders. Thanks for a very usable tool!

  • spyrule about 1 month ago

    Not cheap, but efficient and clean and entirely worth the money. Just buy it!

  • H.Koenig 2 months ago

    Scatter is just brilliant, easy to use and a absolute time saver.
    Its a pleasure to create meadows with lots of flowers, weeds and grass in no time.
    And on top... BD3D´s quick response to questions and problems is outstanding!
    Thanks for this great addon and keep up the good work!

  • Rahul 2 months ago

    Just amazing, highly recommended for any environment artist!

  • Flavio Della Tommasa 3 months ago

    A tool that can not miss for those looking for an effective and simple method to set up to have an exceptional realism. An essential addon.

  • Nils 3 months ago

    Even just using everything that's included in the add-on you can make some awesome looking stuff very quickly.

  • G. Casqueiro 3 months ago

    Scatter has made my life so easy!! FInally an amazing addon for vegetation in archviz (and other areas). Can't wait for season 2!

  • Andreas Leiner 4 months ago

    One of the most helpful addons I have ever bought. Not cheap but a huge time saver and the results are very convincing. And a really fast support for a small problem I had in the beginning.

  • Artur Szóstakowski 4 months ago

    This addon is a must if you are interested in archviz rendering in blender. It speeds up the process of setting up grass systems which can take literally hours of work based on trail and error to a simple two mouse click setup - and the results are totally photoreal grass systems! Massive time saver and an awesome quality. Worth every dollar!

  • Jose Ramirez 5 months ago

    Since I bought this AWESOME addon I haven't missed 3DSMAX & Forest Pack anymore.
    It saves me time everytime I create a vegetation system overall with its presets for different kind of grass.
    Each time I have to create custom vegetation system (with my plants, flowers, rocks,shrubs, bushes...) I save even much more time because it's so intuitive that it's even funny.
    I save a lot of money every month because I use Blender and it's FREE and the price for this AWESOME addon is "cheap" in terms of all what you save with it everytime you use it.
    It's fundamental how you can create tens of thousands of proxies and how they can be displayed with the self proxy representation or the percentage of displaying or simply, the NO DISPLAYING OPTION, which is the key for large scenes.
    I'm working in a superhuge exterior scene and Scatter is working super-reliable.
    Your system never be frozen due to the huge amount of scattered objects because automatically turns off the displaying.
    Simply the best addon I've bought and highly recommended.

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