Scatter - The Scattering Tool Of Blender

by BD3D in Scripts and Addons

My viewport is slow.

Scatter is the most optimized solution right now, unfortunately working with millions over millions of instanced objects is always tricky.

What is the licensing ?

For the Addon it's GPL

For the models, it's Standard Royalty Free

For the generated renders it's CC0 4.0 (duh)

so in short: do whatever you want but don't resell the biomes models at your expenses ( you can share everything this with your clients,  i have no problems with that )

Wait there's already a "scatter" addon built in ?


There's a built-in handy addon made for drawing instances of objects easily but it's not a true scattering toolset like we expect from other software. It's called "object-scatter", not just "scatter".

I Found a bug.

99% of the time, bugs are related to user deleting things they should not delete, or rename things they should no rename (like Scatter generated collections, vgroups or modifiers) if you have a bug, please contact me on the BlenderArtist Thread (above) i will support you as quickly as possible.

Can i create my own presets / biomes ?

Yes you can.

Does it comes shipped with models ?

Yes with frequent new model (biomes) added to the library

Do it work with other Render Engines ?


Blender refuse to render....

It's a Blender related bug,  if you have way too much particles in your scene blender will straight up refuse to 

is this addon like forest pack ?

Yes and No

Scatter is NOT a brand new particle editor, it's making the current particle workflow of blender way faster and enjoyable, by bringing new functionalities. Some of those functionalities are indeed present in FP or other similar plugins (important features like proxy, ecosystems library, camera clipping..ect)

Do your addon work in 2.79 ?


works on 2.80+

and got report that it is working great on 2.81 and 2.82 either. 

Is it compatible with graswald ?


The biomes are eevee ready ?

It's compatible with eevee but it's an overall bad choice. 

Real time engines (witouth a proper dynamic global illumination system) can't handle the ammount of light precision and translucency that a environemental geometry heavy render need. Working with eevee for your interiors are amazing but for your archviz exterior it's a bad choice. 

Does the proxies work with eevee ?

Yes but a real time engine cannot handle too much geometry so it will be useless. 

But particles node is right around the corner...

Particles node are designed for motion graphics, for doing explosion, fireworks, vfx.. ect..
(you can see this by yourself and take a look on the official  Particles nodes devtalk thread.)

For sure you will be able to use it for scattering, but it will be complex and with lots of important scattering features missing. 

Also particles node are a replacement  for particles "emitter". There's two types of particles systems in blender: "emitter" and "hair". Nothing has been planned for replacing the "Hair" system yet. (of course Scatter use the"Hair" system)