Scatter [-15$ Reduction] [Last Chance]

by BD3D in Scripts and Addons

Does it comes shipped with models ?

Yes it does, not only with models, but with computer friendly one click to set up whole ecosystems created from multiples models having each their own distribution methods! (that's what i call an all-in-one  "Biome")

Scatter is shipped with a library of Biomes, each new updates free biomes are going to be given for free to all users. Enjoy !

Do it work with other Render Engines ?


What is the future of this addon ?

Don't worry, i'll always support Scatter as i use it myself on the daily.

But to be honest, I hope that the blender foundation will one day create us a proper scattering solution. Blender users are asking for this since a long time.. A lot of efforts were spend on Particles  for motion graphics and Furs, but not for scattering.

Features like Camera clipping, Distance culling, a proper proxy system, setting up particles by density, particle bounding box for collision and clean borders, distribute by elevation, distribute by slope, distribution influenced by curves, a better particle painting system and many other need to be implemented officially in C++, and not in python from X or Y addons.

Blender refuse to render....

It's a Blender related bug,  if you have way too much particles in your scene blender will straight up refuse to 

Particles aren't in the same position in the Final render...

It's a Blender related bug, too many textures influence, too many modifiers and you'll need to refresh the terrain to have an accurate viewport preview.  

Is this like forest pack ?

Yes and No…

Scatter is NOT a brand new particle editor, it's an attempt at making the current scattering workflow of blender better, by bringing new functionalities. Some of thoses functionalities are indeed present in FP or other similar plugins (features like proxy, biomes, camera clipping..ect)

Instead of sending me messages about having X functionalities from FP (or else) in Scatter what you should really do is trying to push for a better scattering system within blender.

Do your addon work in 2.79 ?


works on 2.80.

and got report that it is working great on 2.81 and 2.82 either. 

Is it compatible with graswald ?

Not right now, but an update will come with graswald support soon. 

The biomes are eevee ready ?

No, you'll have to quickly adjust the materials.

I think that eevee just can't handle such geometry. you will need some specific video game ready assets for best results in a real time engine.

Does the proxies work with eevee ?

Yes but a real time engine cannot handle too much geometry so it will be useless. 

My viewport is slow...

Managing millions of particles is demanding for your computer ! And blender is also not really efficient in terms of viewport perfs (could do better). don't expect to run clarisse like scenes inside blender, because it just can't.

In Scatter i try my best to create a maxiumum of python tools like Camera clipping or proxies to help us create more demanding scenes. But at a certain extend you will need to hide some particles from the viewport..

But particles node is right around the corner...

Particles node are designed for motion graphics, for doing explosion, fireworks, vfx.. ect..
(you can see this by yourself and take a look on the official  Particles nodes devtalk thread.)

For sure you will be able to use it for scattering, but it will be complex and with lots of important scattering features missing. 

Also particles node are a replacement  for particles "emitter". There's two types of particles systems in blender: "emitter" and "hair". Nothing has been planned for replacing the "Hair" system yet. (of course Scatter use the"Hair" system)