Scatter 4.0

by BD3D in Scripts and Addons

Do it work with other Render Engines ?

Yes, but the assets are made for cycles and eevee.

Is it compatible with Graswald and Botaniq ?


The biomes are eevee ready ?

It's compatible with eevee but it's an overall bad choice for environmental rendering.

But particles node is right around the corner...

Yes, 5.0 will be reworked for the new particle node system, no worries. 

My viewport is slow.

Scatter is the most optimized solution right now, unfortunately working with millions over millions of instanced objects is always tricky. you can learn more about that in our manual. 

What is the licensing ?

For the Addon it's GPL

For the models, it's Standard Royalty Free

For the generated renders it's CC0 4.0 (duh)

so in short: do whatever you want but don't resell the biomes assets at your expenses ( you can share everything this with your clients,  i have no problem with that )

Can i create my own presets / biomes ?

Yes you can.

Wait there's already a "scatter" addon built in ?


There's a built-in handy addon made for drawing instances of objects easily but it's not a true scattering toolset like we expect from other software. It's called "object-scatter".