Natural Cliff Realistic Procedural Cliff Generator For Natural Environment Creation (Promo -50% Off)

by CG Choco in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • Zach Lambert 2 months ago

    Poor documentation and optimization. My system exceeds recommended specs and yet Blender crashes half of the time just doing viewport renders with this generator. Cliffs rendered in Eevee look like dog turds and overall the meshes generated by this addon are very unwieldy and the material IS VERY SLOW and isn't that impressive looking in the few glimpses of it that I get before Blender crashes. Bummed out. :(

    • R.Man 2 months ago

      Thank you for your review. Please can you send us a message, we can assist you on how to get the best of the tool. If there is an issue we encourage the users to contact us in case of issue as each user has his specifici issue. Best regards

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