Pure-Sky (Eevee & Cycle)

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  • Ayun
    3 days ago

    I tried to set Cycle according to the Pure-Sky Pro 4.5 you released
    but it cannot be displayed normally.
    Maybe my computer configuration is not high
    I hope this product will run perfectly like Eevee.
    Increase fluency or stability
    Looking forward to subsequent development and updates, he is great.

  • salvatore
    7 days ago

    I bought this for my cycle workflow since it tell that is cycle compatible, and really works with cycle if you have time to wait like 10 minuts only to see your viewport , and its almost 10 min everytime u set something or move camera or do anything, and this with 10 render sample..sorry this is not for cycle actually , if you use evee its nice even if it need some better instructions , using my RTX A4000 thats not a bad Grafic card but in cycle it cant handle - disclaimer: i used it only for half our yet and followed last video on french language to setting for cycle , maybe im missing something but really this is not viable for cycle at the moment

    • 3DVision

      7 days ago

      Thank you for your opinion, your configuration allows largely to obtain better results since it is superior to what I used to make my demonstrations, I think that you forgot to reduce the parameter of volumes for cycles "Max Steps" which by default is with "1024" it is necessary to go down to "50" if not indeed that is unusable. do not forget also that to generate volumes in a distance of more than 200 KM with Cycles will consume much performances no matter your configuration. And there is a tutorial in English on the page.

  • Jason
    12 days ago

    - Beautiful but desperately needs solid documentation -

    This addon creates some really beautiful results and I am greatly looking forward to being able to use it someday, however I've found it extremely hard to use in any practical way due to there being incomplete documentation.

    The addon is so deep with so many inputs and options that it becomes very easy to accidentally ruin your blender scene with seemingly no way to reset all of the settings. I have also tried to follow some of the youtube guides, but it seems that some of those have become obsolete with the newer updates, meaning I can no longer follow along step by step and I have no clue how to properly use some of the features of the addon. In a work setting, I can't afford to spend an hour or two tinkering with settings I have no clue about, just trying to achieve a desirable effect, or just to try and fix my lighting after changing something.

    I think almost all of my complaints would be addressed with the addition of maybe a couple of preset options included in the N panel, along with a button to fully reset all of the settings as well as a button to completely deactivate the addon and restore all of the default blender world settings. At least that way I might not be scared to use this addon in my projects. Most importantly though, it REALLY needs 100% complete documentation on how to use it and all of the settings before any new updates or features are added.

    It definitely seems like a lot of thought has been put into this addon, and it could DEFINITELY be a 5/5 once full documentation is complete along with a way to revert all settings. I am looking forward to the future of this addon!

    • 3DVision

      7 days ago

      Thank you for your opinion, indeed the documentation is not up to date because we wanted to give priority to solve the compatibility problems with Cycles. For the next updates it will take more time but we will do things in order, it will avoid to generate frustration. And we will see to add a button to restore the default values.

  • Thomas
    13 days ago

    i really wanted to like this product and though it would save me time when i needed a quick sky for a scene. So far i have found it impossible to integrate into any scenes i'm working on. it creates a great looking sky but the clipping issue with the cameras really is a problem and makes it so difficult with an animated scene. I've spend a long time playing around with it and in the end found my self coming back to just making some clouds myself and using the built in dynamic sky addon. Hopefully the clipping issue will be resolved when 3.0 officially comes out.

    • 3DVision

      13 days ago

      Hello, thank you for your opinion, you can use the Cycle rendering with the 4.5 update, this problem concerns only EEVEE.

  • denys geel
    14 days ago

    Fantastic ... 4.5.7 Lite ... initial setup is fantastic and educational ... just stop and learn. Then go to shading section and learn some more ... stunning node setup ... albedo , time and camera options are overkill ... Lite version could be $5 merely for the education ... thank you ... my Mosquito fighter bomber has never looked better !

    • 3DVision

      13 days ago

      Thank you, feel free to share your renderings with us via the messaging system.

  • Murdock
    16 days ago

    Very great

    • 3DVision

      14 days ago

      Thank you.

  • TN
    21 days ago

    It is one of the most powerful addon for me because it make possible to create the beautiful sky and clouds so fast with EEVEE.

    I'm intended to use this addon not only for movie / animations but procedural sky-background for 2D design / arts and it works very well. it is more versatile than some sky-related assets or addons I've been used recently. it is work fine with animations of course.

    I understand that there is few documentations and I straggled with that too (like many other addons). I found the tips and solutions thanks to the developer and blender community.

    There is some useful (maybe?) information I've learned:

    1. there is some limitations due to EEVEE in current state and it makes complicate to tweaking the quality of the clouds and lens-flares. I'm not sure but it seems possible to improve in the future development (https://code.blender.org/2021/06/eevees-future/).

    2. Select the Pure Sky's camera and make it as active camera and lock camera("Camera to View"), press "home" key if the screen is small, then tweak focal-length and clip-start, is what I do with Pure Sky first. I'm not sure it is best, but it is very easy way to use.

    3. It can be use both lens-flares and clouds by tweaking "ClipStart" attribute. I'm satisfied with its quality even there is some limitations. I'll set the higher ClipStart to render the clouds more beautiful basically, and set the lower ClipStart to render the lens-flares if need (the clouds degraded sometimes in this case due to that "ClipStart" limitations perhaps).

    It is very good addon for me already, and also there seems to be room for improvement (controlling the shape and contrast of clouds are most difficult part for me. sometimes I want "crispy" clouds but it still hard to me to setting up).

    I hope for further development of both addons and Blender very well.

    • 3DVision

      14 days ago

      Thank you, improvements will keep coming.

  • Gabo Out
    about 1 month ago

    Compatibility with cyles is very poor. It does not optimize the GPU.
    It is very expensive for what it offers.

    • 3DVision

      14 days ago

      Generating volumes is one of the most resource consuming things on Blender, you need to have a good machine configuration, which is not your case. I can't be held responsible for that, sorry.

  • Rooftop Productions
    about 1 month ago

    The options are near infinite, with fantastic feedback in Eevee. Able to refine so many tiny details to your liking. Wish Cycles would catch up with volume rendering speed, but you're still able to do some basic compositing with a Cycles and Eevee pass for some excellent results. Would recommend using a mist pass to get that Atmospheric fog in compositing.

    The creator is very responsive so a big plus from me :)

    • 3DVision

      14 days ago

      Thanks for your feedback, the compatibility for cycle rendering is now available and many other improvements with version 4.5.

  • Omid
    about 1 month ago

    I'm giving this 5/5 to support the creator, however I regret the purchase as I need it to look as good with all the clouds in Cycles. This is however MENTIONED by the creator in the info, so it's not his fault that I didn't read that info.

    The good thing coming out of this purchase is that I'm going to for the first time give EEVEE a try and see if I can get any good results for my scene.

    Also it's possible that the creator of this addon makes it as awesome looking in Cycles as it is in eevee...

    • 3DVision

      14 days ago

      Thanks for your honest feedback, the good news is that Cycle rendering compatibility is now available with the 4.5 update.

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