Pure-Sky (Eevee & Cycle)

by 3DVision in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Imagine a beautiful starry sky on a full moon night, a sunset at the seaside or a beautiful sunny day, with Pure-Sky you can now realize these different scenes and much more. 

Pure-Sky is the first and only procedural sky for Blender that: 

  • Offers the possibility to fly into space with a 360° view. with a precision in meters (Eevee & Cycle). 
  • Directly includes real-time lens Flares and lens dirt with automatic obstacle detection (Eevee).
  • Includes volumetric clouds generated directly in the world. You can fly in any direction to infinity (Eevee).
  • Includes an editable tornado (Eevee & Cycle). 
  • Allows you to display a stormy sky in one click (Eevee & Cycle). 
  • Includes automatic detection of sunset by atmospheric fog (Eevee). 


Pure-Sky Pro 4.1 Released ! (03/24/21)

What's new?

  • A one-click tornado rigger is now available (Cycle rendering is better than Eevee rendering, however there is a bug that generates unsightly shadows when different parts of the tornado are displayed on the same layer. "The next Blender updates should fix this volume bug).
  • Physical planets are now available. (There are two types of shader for planets, one is transparent and allows to obtain more realistic fades. The other one allows to generate shadows to simulate for example an eclipse).
  • The sky has been improved the rendering is even more realistic. The twilight can now be displayed for the sunset and an aurora borealis for the night.
  • The lens flares bugs have been corrected.

This scene is included in the "Pro" Pack. The aircraft used for this demo was modeled by "Akiko.Tomiyoshi"

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Pure-Sky Pro 4.1 Released ! (03/24/21)

Pure-Sky 4.0 (Pro) Released ! (02/26/21)

Pure-Sky 3.2 Released ! (02/26/21)

What's new for version 3.2?

  • The sky: The sky node has been improved, the rendering is more realistic and now you can connect HDRI Texture in the RGB inputs. / The sunset distortion animation command is now in the "animation" node.
  • The stars: Procedural stars can now display randomized colors.
  • Clouds: Cloud visibility can now be extended in the +Z axis. / The lower part of the clouds can be distorted to avoid having a too linear cut. / Now when you activate the "Thuderstorm" mode the cloud coverage increases automatically and the "Storm Coverage" command allows to set the maximum coverage. / A command to randomize automatically the position of the clouds has been added in the "animation" node. / The resizing of the clouds has been corrected.
  • Lens Flares: Now two modes are available, position "1" the "lens Flares" follow the camera and always face it. Position "0" they are always aligned in the axis of the sun.

Atmospheric Fog: Create beautiful sunsets without adding an animation key.

Atmosphere and Space: Now you can fly into space.

3D model by: Aurélien Martel 

Minimum Performance: I7 2.9Ghz/ 4GB/ GTX 950 4GB/ Windows10 

Lens Dirt: https://www.inscapedigital.com/radiancepack/

  • Volumetric clouds do not generate shadow and reflection.
  • Warning!!: For some reason I don't know yet, Blender doesn't open if you set the sky as the default startup file, so don't!! Import the sky in your scene with the collections or save a .Blend file that contains only the sky and you will be able to reuse this file to start a new project.
  • *Note: please don't forget to take a few seconds to rate this product, the popularity of this product will allow me to continue to do research to add more functionality in future updates. Thank you in advance for your help and happy blending!
    What they think 

Atmosphere and Space: Now you can fly into space. Set the distance to fly before reaching the atmosphere and space (in meters). *Note: You can use a 2D texture to replace the black color of the space.

Volumetric Cloud: Volumetric clouds can extend infinitely in the sky (In the parameters of the volumes, the 3D view and your camera increase the distance of visibility to extend the field of view). You can synchronize the clouds with the atmospheric fog to create beautiful sunsets. *Note: If you resize the clouds to a value greater than (1.0) the altitude value will be approximate.  Atmospheric Fog: The fog automatically detects the sunset and you can set when you want it to appear and disappear.

Exponential Fog: Set a Max height (in meters) then set the trigger distance (in meters) and finally set the Max density, when the camera moves away from the ground the density will gradually increase from the trigger distance to reach the Max density value.

Lens Flares: The sun lamp and the sky lighting influence the detection of obstacles. Use the properties of the sun lamp to adjust the sensitivity of the detection if necessary. (now the Lens Flares are correctly organized by category in the collections). *Note: Lens Flares are also visible in space.

Lens Dirt: The display quality of dust has been improved and some bugs fixed. *Note: The Lens Dirt is also visible in the space.

Now the stars follow the sun. *Note: The star animation command will be used only if you want to make a night scene without seeing the sunrise.

Cartoon mode removed: This mode requires a lot of machine performance, considering all the new features adding the cohabitation of the two skies in one was no longer possible. *Note: A version dedicated to the cartoon style can be developed separately if many of you request it.

Flat cloud : A version that includes flat clouds is now available. This version will suit users with a good graphics card. (add since 01/05/20).

The management of volumes in cycle is not yet available, here is a trick to combine a volumetric rendering EEVEE with Cycle. All the elements of the "EEVEE" scene must have a holdout shader, then just do this simple composition in the render scene for Cycle.

To display the volumes in EEVEE you need to adjust the viewing distance of the volume, the camera and the 3D view.

Update 2.2C, 12/24/2020

Moon & Planet Add.

Pure-Sky 2.1 released (12/12/2020)

Update 2.1C, what's new?

  • Real-time flares added.
  1. -Automatic obstacle detection.
  2. -Automatic detection of the brightness of the sun lamp. 
  • Lens dirt added.
  1. -Automatic obstacle detection.
  2. -Automatic detection of sun lamp brightness.
  • Clouds improved.
  • Animated stars.

Pure-Sky 1.9 released (11/30/2020)

The Lamp: Now the sun lamp changes color automatically to adapt to the time of day, "sunset or daylight" (Note*: To get a redder sunset, select the lamp and adjust the value in the properties panel).

. The sky: The sunset can now be set independently, without affecting the colors of the day.

. The ground: it will automatically darken for the day and night cycle and also when the " Thunderstorm sky " mode is activated.

Thunderstorm sky: When the " Thunderstorm sky " option is enabled, the lamp power has been corrected.