Pure-Sky (Eevee & Cycle)

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(Pure-Sky)  Pure-Sky is a 100% procedural and modular sky generator. Pure sky can generate: The sky, clouds, stars, sun, rainbow, ( lights, rain particles and volumetric snow).

Required performance: I7 2.7Ghz/ 6GB/ GTX 950 4GB/ Windows 10.*Note: Warning, compatibility for Mac devices could not be verified on this product.

You can join this server to get feedback from other users, get help or share your creations. https://discord.gg/DgkR4X8

Update 1.5 (Rain&Snow).

New Version 1.0.1(Lite).

This is an Ultra Fast version of Pure-Sky.
The sky, sun and clouds, are the only elements included, and they have been simplified.
The user interface has also been improved to make it easier to navigate between options.

(Pure-Sky) How to get shadows with the sun (Eevee&Cycle) ?

In this video I show you how to get shadows in EEVEE and Cycle without using a sun object in your scene.

Update 1.4(Storm).

Now you can change the ordinary clouds into a storm.

Note*: Valid for (optimized 1.4+ Simplified 1.3).

You can see how to do it in this video, starting from "2 minutes". This video is in French, use the YouTube translator to get the subtitles in your language.

Update 1.3 (Pure-Volume).

Now you can get high quality volumetric lights, the lamps are visible for night and day scenes and there are no dark particles that appear in your scene 

Note*: (only for optimized version).

Update 1.2 ("Toon")

This update allows you to convert clouds, and the sky into cartoon effect, it is the ideal companion for animation film production.

-The sky can switch to toon mode (Optimized version only).
-The combination of sky type and style allows you to generate more than 200 different variations (Optimized version only).
-The clouds can be switched to toon mode (Optimized version only).
-The stars: their shape has been corrected and now you can reduce their number (Optimized + Simplified).

Update 1.1 (Rainbow now available).

You can also Combine Pure-Sky with an HDRI map and use the sun, clouds, stars and rainbow to create beautiful animation. This video is presented in French, but you can easily follow step by step how to do it. 

Introduction Pure-Sky 1.0


  • 100% Procedural.
  • Ultra fast rendering.
  • Pure volumetric light.
  • Ready for Blender 2.8(E&C).
  • Realistic and configurable Star.
  • Realistic and configurable Rainbow.
  • Realistic and configurable Sky "horizon".
  • Realistic and configurable Sun "6 type of sun".
  • Realistic and configurable Clouds "4 types of clouds".
  • You can add Pure-Sky to your "Blender défaut startup file".
  • You can animate, the sun, the rainbow, the horizon, stars and clouds.
  • The Sky (Toon+Real)
    You can manage:
    - Emission strength.
    - The color of the sky "top part".
    - The color of the sky "bottom part".
    - Fade in between the "top and bottom" part "Sky Manager".
    - The brightness.
    - The contrast
  • The Sun
    You can manage:
    - Emission strength.
    - The color of the sun.
    - The size of the sun.
    - The position of the sun "Sun Manager".
    - The sun type "6 type available".
  • The Rainbow
    You can manage:
    - Emission strength.
    - The Rainbow Fade.
    - The size of the Rainbow.
    - The position of the Rainbow "Rainbow Manager".
    - The Rainbow type "3 type: Realistic, Simple, Cartoon".
  • The stars
    You can manage:
    - Emission strength.
    - The color of the stars.
    - The size of the stars.
    - The rotation and movement of the "Star Manager" stars.
  • The clouds (Toon+Real)
    You can manage:
    - Emission strength.
    - The color of the clouds.
    - The size of the clouds.
    - The fading of the clouds in the horizon.
    - Cloud visibility.
    - The rotation and movement of clouds "Clouds Manager".
  • Flat and Cirrus clouds (Toon+Real)
    You can manage:
    - The size of the clouds.
    - The density of clouds.
    - The contrast of the clouds.
  • Stratocumulus clouds (Toon+Real)
    You can manage:
    - The size of the clouds.
    - The density of clouds.
    - The contrast of the clouds.
    - Cloud details.
  • Combined clouds (Toon+Real)
    - The combined type combines all types of clouds to create a beautiful cloudy sky.

How to add Pure-Sky to the Blender startup file?

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