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Important!! (Cycles)

For a quick installation follow these instructions or  Read the documentation PSP_5.1 (EN).

  •  Download on the Blender Market the "zip" file containing the Pure-Sky Pro addon, in the location of your choice.
  •  In Edit > Preferences > Add-on, type in the search bar "Sun Position" then activate this addon and all the options.
  •  In Edit > Preferences > Add-on > Install, select the package you have downloaded "Pure-Sky Pro", then validate the installation.
  • Place your mouse in the "3D view" and press "N", the addon is now visible from this pane. Select the version you want to use and voilà.


  • In "Edit > Preferences > System > Cuda or Optix" then activate your "GPU". *Important: (The CPU alone will not be able to handle such a large volumetric environment).
  • In the "World properties" > "Volume" pane you can increase the "Max Step" property to "20~50" and "Transmission" to "1~2" for the final render, if you add the clouds. Note*:(use the default configuration for the preview).


  • Select a camera then in the "World properties" > "View" click on the option that appears "Update Camera Clipend", now the max visibility distance has been updated according to the value indicated in "View".


  • To change presets (Sky or Cloud), select a preset and click on apply. (You can deactivate the clouds or the atmosphere in the "Volume" pane).
  • 10 Clouds Presets: Altocumulus, Cirrus, Cumulonimbus, Cumuls Congestus, Cumuls Fractus, Cumulus Humilis, Cumulus Mediocris, Cumulus Radiatus, Cumulus, Nimbostratus.
  • 30 Sky Presets: Sunset 10, Day 8, Night 6,  Eclipse 2, Aurora borealis 3, Space 1.

How to setup the editable tornado?

 Lens Dirt texture:

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