Procedural Generator Bundle V1

by Blender Easy in Modifier Setups

In this bundle you will find tools that will gonna help you to quickly generate a variety of optimized geometry for common tasks in most 3D character creation projects. For now there are 12 products!

What's included;

Real Fur

This tool allows you to quickly generate real time fur by painting vertex weights. The values of the vertex weight controls both the mask for the fur area and it's length and by using the values, you can gradually increase the scale. It uses different cards and textures based on the fur length. There is 10 different fur sizes in the textures and cards and each size has at least 4 variations. All of this cards are automatically placed in an smooth transition, using the vertex weight values.

Procedural Fuzz

This innovative tool is designed to bring your creations to life by allowing you to scatter fuzz on the surface of an object, thereby creating a realistic and detailed finish that adds depth and authenticity to your work.

Procedural Eyelashes

This tool allows you to quickly generate hair for the eyelashes using curves. You just need a surface to generate the hairs from, and curves and curves to determine where the hair starts and where it  ends.

Scales and Spikes

This tool allows you to generate spikes and scales on the surface of an object, following a very natural pattern. You have full control over the shape of the scales and spikes, but you can also use your own meshes.

Procedural Teeth

This tool is perfect when you need to add those predator teeth to a creature.
It's highly customizable and speeds up a lot the boring work of placing this teeth manually.

Curves to Stitch

This tool uses Geometry Nodes to transform a curve into a Stitch Line. It's very simple to use

Procedural Rope

This tool allows you to quickly create realistic ropes using curves. It can connect multiple curves making the process of drawing them a lot easier. It generates the curve tube, displaces it adds a fuzz to it and put it on the surface of an object.

Fur Scatter

This tool made with geometry nodes allows you to quickly scatter fur on the surface of a mesh. It allows to control radius, length, add clumps, noise, resample the curve, and add variation to the radius and length.

Procedural Chain

This tool uses Geometry Nodes and curves to generate chains for the most common uses, because it's highly customizable. You have full control over the shape of the chain and can use your own chain mesh too.

Procedural Fabric

This tool turns your 3d objects into a fully textured woven fabric. It's very easy to use and you can use a Vertex Group as a mask to create torn and wear the fabric.


This tool is designed to save you time and effort by generating hair from curves that you draw on the surface of an object.

Real-time Hair Studio

This tool allows you to generate and bake hair and fur textures for you real-time characters.

Procedural Hair Cards

This tool turns regular hair curves into a fully customizable hair cards and you can use the textures generated with the Real Time Hair Studio with it.

Instances on Hair

This tool allows you to use hair curves to instantiate meshes from a collection. This is useful because you can quickly determine the area where the instances appears and it's rotation just by placing and grooming hair curves.
The hair direction controls the rotation of the instances and the roots of the curves are used to determine the location of the meshes.

Procedural Horn

This tool turns curves into fully customizable horns. This is perfect when you are working on the concept of a creature or a character, because you can change the look of it very quickly, by shaping and adding more curves or using the parameters of the modifier, that changes every aspect of the horn.



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Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6
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