Pivot Transform 1.4.5 For 2.82+

by Derksen Box in Scripts and Addons

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  • Arnie Carlson 20 days ago

    I bought Pivot Transform a few mouths ago, for some reason I was not using it, and I purchased another pivot add-on. I updated Pivot Transform today and it is by far the better add-on for easy control of the pivot point. In it's current state I'm loving it

  • Robert Ferenczi about 2 months ago

    When i bought it it didn't worked, i sent a screenshot him and he told me he knows and it will be okey in the next blender release... so he took the money BEFORE it worked properly....be careful with this seller!

    • Max Derksen about 2 months ago

      Your problem was not typical, and I solved it a long time ago. You are my first Hayter, and I love you very much)

  • Ogier BADI 3 months ago


  • gary barringer 4 months ago

    Simple and very handy to have. Great Addon!

  • reevebm 5 months ago

    Great addon, hope more refinement and improvement.

    Pivto Transform 1.3.8 Test Report -reevebm, 2020-01-22

    * "Pivot to Active", when object name longer than 57 bytes, operation fail or even crash blender
    * "Pivot to Active", 3 vertices parented, child object change location and rotation unwantedly

    * "Pivot to Active", after some times operations, rotation precision decrease (displayed on N sidebar>Item>Transform>Rotation)
    * "to 3D Cursor", not aligned to cursor rotation (only aligned to cursor location)
    * "Pivot Transform Panel Helper">"Rotation", UI label, lack X/Y/Z

    Want to Know
    * "Setup>Drop To>X/Y/Z", how to work?

    Wish Feature
    * flip pivot z-axis along x/y axis
    * align pivot x/y axis parallel or toward single edge/vertex
    * "Pivot to Active", allow empty object as active
    * to mock CAD LCS (Local Coordinate System), add new empty arrow at active mesh object's pivot, and set parent to mesh's 3 vertices

  • Liam Owen 5 months ago

    Saves seconds in the short-term but will save hours in the long-term.

  • moontan 7 months ago

    still a very useful addon, even with the changes Blender has added to the Origin/Pivot in 2.81

  • pior 9 months ago

    Useful so far, but a few things are missing UX wise :
    - ability to remove each shortcut in the add-on options (as opposed to only being able to replace the default key with another)
    - The extra options showing in the N panel should be labelled something different from "Misc"
    - The panel should have buttons for all actions
    - Option to change the color of the text overlay to something else than bright green.

    Besides that, the functionality itself seems great.

  • martin benavides 10 months ago

    Very nice..that latest update origin to bottom is very handy..keep up the good work.

  • Wen-Han Diong 10 months ago

    Useful, but have more room for improvement, I can see alot of potential in this addon.

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