Pivot Transform 1.6.0

by Derksen Box in Scripts and Addons

The addon helps you to change the position of the pivot point as the van is needed. You can align it to the normals of the desired polygon, rotate and move it, or place it in the center of the object and 3d cursor. Addon brings all the necessary functions to the fore, for your convenience.

How often you had to change the position of your object relative to another, change the value of the opening of the lid, door and so on. Now you can do it in a couple of clicks. The addon is maximally integrated into the blender ecosystem, and follows all the basic principles of the environment.

Version 1.6.0:

Added the ability to save the pivot. Thanks Blenderboi for your help in implementation.

You can save it in the blend file. There is also a saving in the scene for all objects, or saving for individual objects.

Version 1.5.2 (2.82+)

Align the pivot to the axes of the active object

Support for bones and curves. 

Version 1.4.2 (2.82+)

Changes for Pivot Drop 

Version 1.4.2 (2.82+)

Added support for selecting a pivot for the bounding box.

Reworked the configure shortcuts. Now you can disable unnecessary shortcuts.

Version 1.4.1 (2.82+)

Added the ability to automatically enable the desired gizmo when editing the pivot.

Redesigned some of the addon's features to improve performance.

Version 1.3.6 Only Blender 2.81(1.2.4 for 2.80)

Due to API change the panel is moved to the right bar.

Version 1.3.5 Only Blender 2.81(1.2.4 for 2.80)

Added the ability to change the transformation of the pivot through the custom transformation panel. Unfortunately, in blender 2.81 during the transformation of the pivot (standart tool)you can not dial the desired position, rotation, scaling. The new function of calling the Transformation panel gives this possibility.

To invert the rotation axes, press the calling panel button again.

Version 1.3.3 Only Blender 2.81(1.2.3 for 2.80)

The addon is out of beta testing for a blender 2.81, all functions are stable, but because of possible changes in side API of blender will be tested.

Added the ability to align several selected vertices, edges, faces for the Pivot to Active tool.

You can now apply the transformation from edit mode.

There are a number of improvements, in particular the position of the 3D cursor no longer changes with different transform pivot tools.

BETA Version 1.3.2 Only Blender 2.81

In the next version, the tool uses the new blender 2.81 transformation pivot as its basic function. It replaced the custom transformation, due to which the tool became more logical to use. The addon improves the transformation pivot. Removed unnecessary functions, but the addon addon retains its integrity.

I remind you that this version is a test and you can influence the development of the addon by writing in the discord channel  https://discord.gg/SBEDbmK.

You can still download version 2.80

Version 1.2.3

Added ability to "Pivot to Bottom" for multiple objects.

There is a possibility drop to active in setup menu.

Fixed a bug with non-saving addon settings.

Version 1.2.2

In this version, several bugs have been fixed, and the settings have been changed.

Version 1.2.1

The option to cancel, right-click.

Automatic tool selection option 'Select Tool'

Changed pie menu. Added the possibility to enable in the settings of the addon pane of the apply tools, for those who often use the pie menu addon. Apply Transforms can be equated to operations with pivot, so this function has been added with the option. If you do not need it can be turned off in the addon settings.

Added settings(setup) for the Pivot to Bottom tool. Including offset from the bottom of the object and reset the position on any of the axes.

Added tool 'Pivot to Active' in object mode.

Now the addon works only with those objects that have the ability to change the position of the pivot, namely: 


Added the ability to snap the 3D cursor after the transformation pivot.

Also fixed some bugs.

Version 1.2.0  

Thanks for the feedback and new ideas Diong Wen-Han;)

The pivot editing mode has been reworked. Now he has his own context. 

Added pivot drop tool, for quick editing of pivot.

Added settings shortcut settings for instrument are not working in the context of the Pivot Transform tool.

Added pie menu, the standard keyboard shortcut Shift+Alt+A. You can change the keymap in the addon settings.

Version 1.1.4

Thanks for the feedback and new ideas Diong Wen-Han;)

Added the function of the pivot to the bottom. Works without changing rotation and size.

For better visualization of the transformation added EMPTY object.

Version 1.1.3

The update brings a number of improvements related to the use of the tool. Now the pivot editing is done with the custom gizmo untethered from the user settings, but if you want you can still use the standard gizmo by enabling it in the gizmo display settings. Also added tools for quick setup snap.

Version 1.1.2

The principle of interaction with the tool has been reworked.

Added Pivot feature To Fase(Face selection), and aligned with the normals.

For added convenience, the tools reset location, rotation, scale when editing a pivot.

I hope it will make your experience better.

If you like the addon and you want to offer an improvement , add to channel for discussion https://discord.gg/DQEz9h3 . I will be glad to improve your experience and use).