Pivot Transform 1.4.5 For 2.82+

by Derksen Box in Scripts and Addons

Version 1.2.0

Version 1.1.2

Install the addon through the settings. 

Pivot Transform:

Select the object, click the pivot point drop-down list at the top(or bottom) of the 3d Viewer.

–°lick the "Pivot Transform" button. Now you can move and rotate the pivot of the object. Once you have selected the desired position, click the "Apply Transform Pivot" button.

Pivot to Face:

In Edit Mode choose "Face select". Next, select face and press button "To Face".


version 1.0.2

When editing the object pivot in the outliner, the selection of objects is disabled. This is necessary for the correct operation of the addon. After applying the pivot transformation, the entire scene setting returns to its previous state.