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by Simon Wendsche in Scripts and Addons

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  • Valics Lehel 7 days ago

    I using with version 3.0.0. Needed to recompile a module with new Python but now all work like a charm. It is really helpful to see nodes preview, especially to see textures used on nodes. Of course also the rest is nice. Good job!

  • Grigoriy 9 days ago

    Very useful addon and it makes material creation easier.

  • Coverop 11 days ago

    Great addon for creating materials.
    I hope one day we will have an addon to convert Material Logic to UE4.

  • Tom 11 days ago

    This is a true blender stress relief!!!!
    Life is so much easier now, everything works flawlessly :-)

  • ben 12 days ago

    If you're more visually minded than mathematically then this addon is the business.

  • FelinaLain 12 days ago

    Amazing, and the mod creator is very cool too, quick to answer and help!
    The addon itself is just perfect when trying to understand the math operations of some materials and procedural stuff in blender!

  • Lucas M 13 days ago

    I fell victim to CGmatter showing it off - i probably don't use blender enough to justify spending 35 bucks but alas, i did.

  • CGMatter 17 days ago

    it's honestly really good at what it does. only feature I'd want is for the preview to match the aspect ratio of the loaded image texture (instead of defaulting to 1:1) but whatever. Would recommened, would buy again, would give as a wedding gift XD

  • Mario Peper 24 days ago

    I had been hoping for this feature in Blender for a long time.
    And it runs incredibly smoothly.
    10 out of 5 points from me.

  • Walker Zavareei 25 days ago

    This is SO helpful and silky fast. The only critical thing I noticed initially is rotation/scale doesn't match objects in the viewport if Generated/Object Mapping is used. Maybe that is impossible to implement or I am missing something there. Also, is it possible to generate front/side views of 3D textures?

    I hope you will bring this to Luxcore too! Or are you just waiting till the nodes system is collapsed into the Cycles node editor?

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