Node Preview

by Simon Wendsche in Scripts and Addons


  • On Windows, you first have to install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017: (if the installer fails and says "another version of this product is already installed", you can just close it - the addon should work in this case)
  • The rest of the installation works the same as with any other addon, as described in the Blender manual (open user preferences, choose "install from file", select the downloaded .zip archive, click open, enable the addon in the list)


Settings can be found in the user preferences by searching for "Node Preview" and clicking the arrow to the left of the addon entry.

Removing the Addon on Windows

Because this addon contains a .pyd shared library file which can't be deleted while loaded, you need to follow the steps below if you want to remove it from within the Blender user preferences:

  •   Open the user preferences, navigate to the addon and disable the addon
  •   Save the user preferences
  •   Restart Blender
  •   Open the user preferences again, navigate to the addon and press "Remove"



  • Added support for macOS
  • Fixed frames in node groups causing all thumbnails for the current node tree to disappear
  • Fixed unsupported nodes causing all previews to disappear
  • Added support for custom nodes which are internally node groups, e.g. FxNodes


  • Enabled previews on the Geometry node
  • Fixed addon not working if installed in an alternative scripts path (Preferences > File Paths > Data > Scripts)
  • Users can now pick custom colors for the background which is shown behind transparent shaders