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V2 Release!

With Menu Generator Pro V2;

+ You can create your own Menus.
+ You can add Overlay Buttons to your menus.
+ You can convert the Menus you create into Addons.
+ You can update addons created with Menu Generator Pro.

Supporter Pie Menus Made with Menu Generator Pro!

Full Tutorials

Create Your Own Menu In A Few Clicks!


Customize Overlay Layout!

Easily create menus

Known Issues:

+Although not all of the properties used for 3dViewport, 80% can be added to the special menu. This rate will be increased in the future.

+The Update button is used to save the panels you have previously set when you newly open Blender. Although this process is done automatically, we have placed this button as a backup.

+Overlay Buttons feature can sometimes cause blender crash.
(especially complex menus, menus containing ui lists, etc.)

+Using Blender's custom panels or other addons' panels within the pie menu (as a sub panel) can sometimes cause errors.

+ When creating a menu for areas other than 3D View, calling the menu with the call button may cause errors. For areas other than 3D View, you should use short-cut instead of call button.

+ Recommended usage: After creating the menus, converting the menus into addons and using them.

+ In Sculpt mode or paint mode, you can use the Overlay Buttons feature with "Middle Mouse" instead of "Left Mouse".

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Published 3 months ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0
License GPL
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