Modifier Operations

by safa güzel in Addons

Add linked modifier

Control multiple modifier from a single source.
The modifier of the blue-marked object is used as a source.
You can edit multiple modifiers at the same time
through the default modifier panel or the panel opened in the 3d Viewport.

Modifier setup library

Save your modifier setups in your own library. Then you can easily import these setups.

Export to library

Import from library

Transfer modifier

Transfer/Copy active modifier with same properties.

Clear modifier

Remove all modifiers in selected objects with Clear All Modifier function.
Remove Modifier of a specific type in selected objects with Clear Active Modifier function.

To use Library properties, you should select the file path for library when you install.

Available here:

Blender Pro Full Product Collection

Published 6 months ago
Blender Version 4.0
License GPL
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