Massfx- Dynamic Physics Painter

by AlbertoFX in Scripts and Addons

Objects don't fall as fast as the GIF previews, what can I do?

Increasing the 'Speed' in the Physics options will do the trick!

The speed by default is set to 1.

Some objects float when painting, what can I do?

Change the 'Apply On' option to 'Right Click', & hold the 'CTRL' key while moving the cursor so it scrubs through the simulation. You can then apply by rightclicking instead of release.

Some objects go through my surface object, what can I do?

Make sure there is some thickness involved with your surface object, or the object you are dropping piles on. You may also try increasing accuracy, resulting in a better rigid body simulation.

Who do I contact for any issues or errors?

You can message me about any addon errors through blendermarket or email me directly at [email protected] 

Are future updates free?

Yes, all future updates will be free.