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  • Patrick O' Connell
    8 months ago

    A simply fantastic piece of work, takes blender to a new level.
    Started with Lightwave back in the mid nineties and have used most of others over the years but now blender with this addon can produce everything I need.
    Congrats to the team at Wayward.

  • shikher9
    8 months ago

    Amazing texturing toolset! I wish there was baking and channel packing for game engines.

  • Ruumi
    9 months ago

    I recently purchased this product and had few questions to the Wayward art, and he hasn't replied since. If you want to purchase the product make sure you really know how to use it or else there is no support other than videos unfortunately.

  • Bart
    9 months ago

    Absolutely great add-on, must-have, can be overwhelming to start with, and a small amount of tutorials can fool you - but enough to get the most out of the mask tool, it's simple to use and intuitive. Worth every penny

  • Cov Phillips
    9 months ago


  • Adam
    9 months ago

    Amazing addon! This actually makes texturing a pleasure to do! Well laid out tutorials with great examples!

  • cartoonsong
    10 months ago

    Need more tutorials and information

  • jacobo
    11 months ago

    This is a great addon! Yet the documentation, which can be considered comprehensive, is weak at best! For example, there's only a single paragraph explaining what the bump painter does, but lacks any info as to how it should be used. This needs to change and the documentation needs to be overhauled asap. I'm still at odds as to how I should be using the bump painter node group in the shader editor >:-(

  • Atiwat Aunlitaisiri
    about 1 year ago

    This is an amazing addon but in version 2.8.6 2.9.0 2.9.1 when I add mask base node and image mask It's pink texture and I cant't bake it that I sent some problem in IB . I hope you will release new version soon.

  • Sandro
    over 1 year ago

    This is a must have, mostly you can do exactly the same stuff you do on Substance Painter but in Blender, I recommend using it with Simple Bake and you can texture paint and bake in minutes!

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