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  • darin baughman
    18 days ago

    Great addon, fairly easy to get the hang of setting up what you want to do. Good tutorials from the maker wayward art company on YouTube. I have been using this in conjunction with packmaster 2 and simplebake. This is providing me with quick and easy workflow. In my opinion worth the price easily!!

  • aTLXmBHmdxYtLTrZfhFX
    2 months ago

    The tool is easy to use, it even works with the Bpainter.

  • Sulaiman
    3 months ago

    I failed to use the addon. It needs a very strong computer. This should be mentioned in the min spec.

  • Max
    4 months ago

    Great tool with excellent support. The video tutorials are straightforward. Creating wear-and-tear effects with procedural masks is as easy as promised. Integrating existing shaders within the Mask Tools workflow can be a bit fiddly though. As of now, it is best used with textures.
    As long as you are not adamant about particle- and physics-system-based brushes, this add-on is a serious contender to external texture-painting software.

  • ZAQraven99
    4 months ago

    Amazing addon tool for Substance Painter alternative so far.

  • punker3d
    4 months ago

    This is another one of those MUST HAVE addon's! It just make things so much easier for those like me that easily get lost in intricate node setups. I agree there could be more documentation, and I believe the developer stated a Wiki Page is coming. This will be helpful, and I would love to see a landscape tutorial made with this awesome node system. You won't be disappointed with what you can do with this addon, it's pretty incredible!

  • James
    5 months ago

    Thank you for the work on this, it helps a lot.

  • Ariel
    7 months ago

    This addon really is incredible. While the tutorials on youtube are helpful Ive had to rewatch them multiple times to get a grasp of exactly what I was doing, which can be difficult for newcomers with little shader network experience. We could really use a handy pdf doc for reference to elaborate on the nodes and workflow.

  • Patrick O' Connell
    7 months ago

    A simply fantastic piece of work, takes blender to a new level.
    Started with Lightwave back in the mid nineties and have used most of others over the years but now blender with this addon can produce everything I need.
    Congrats to the team at Wayward.

  • shikher9
    7 months ago

    Amazing texturing toolset! I wish there was baking and channel packing for game engines.

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