Interactive Physics Editor – Real-World Object Arrangement

by Christopher Gearhart in Scripts and Addons

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  • markholley 12 months ago

    This tool works very well with Blender 2.8 RC2, though I get a couple of error messages when I exit. The author is active on GitHub and I've submitted my concerns there.

    The errors aren't preventing me from using the add-on in any way nor do they seem to effect its operation. Interactive Physics Editor is a great way to put objects on a table or on the ground without eyeballing things in an orthographic viewport.

    • Christopher Gearhart 12 months ago

      Hi Mark, thank you for the review! I've addressed your issue on GitHub – thank you for reporting it there and I hope you continue to enjoy the addon.

  • brandon over 1 year ago

    Promising but does not function in Blender 2.8 as claimed. All objects, regardless of geometry, are treated like cubes, live collision with other objects as shown in the video do not work in 2.8. In addition to this you cannot transform an object or place it in a new location.

    • Christopher Gearhart over 1 year ago

      Hey Brandon, I'm sorry you're having trouble with the Interactive Physics Editor, but please reach out via the inbox before rating. The vast majority of issues can be resolved quickly (especially when it comes to 2.8 Beta compatibility, as you may be working from a new or outdated daily build), and I'm always available to provide support via the inbox or email ([email protected]). I'm more than happy to help work through issues, but I can't help if you don't let me know what the problems are. You can reach out to me via your inbox at:

  • Mikey McCusker over 1 year ago

    Really nice little tool! the dev even added a little feature to it after I contacted him, works great! Will be really useful to scatter objects naturally

    • Christopher Gearhart over 1 year ago

      Thanks for the great review Mikey!

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