Interactive Physics Editor – Real-World Object Arrangement

by Christopher Gearhart in Scripts and Addons

Simplify your Object Arrangement Workflow

Let's say you're arranging 3d models that represent real world objects. The virtual arrangement should be reproducible in reality, so it's important that the 3D models not collide or intersect. In a standard workflow, you'll waste valuable time tweaking each object to prevent intersections and collisions by hand.

The Interactive Physics Editor is an addon for Blender designed to simplify this process. In an Interactive Physics Session, objects will dynamically shift out of the way of the object(s) you are transforming to prevent them from passing through one another.


  • Objects can be locked on any or all of the three axes (location and/or rotation)
  • Collision margin can be adjusted during the edit session
  • Static objects can be made 'Passive' to keep them stationary
  • The interactive physics session is indefinite, and can be committed (or cancelled) at any time.
  • Supports Blender 2.8 beta
  • Daily support via email ([email protected]) and Blender Market inbox

Change log

Version 1.1.0 – 2/7/19

  • New 'Enable Gravity' feature!

Version 1.0.1

  • Fixes issue reported by the community where object locations were dumped upon selecting new object.

Version 1.0.0 – Initial release


  • Begin by creating or importing multiple 3D objects to arrange.
  • Select all objects you wish to arrange
  • Start a new Interactive Physics Session by pressing 'Physics > Interactive Physics Editor > New Interactive Physics Session' in the 3D view toolbar
  • Select all objects you wish to keep static (but still cause collisions)
  • Press the 'Physics > Make Passive' button
  • Now select an object and transform it – notice how other objects in the scene dynamically move out of the way
  • If you don't like any single transformation, drop it using 'Right Click' instead of 'Left Click'.
  • Use the lock location/rotation axes check boxes to limit how the objects move on collision
  • Adjust the margin of collision between objects with the 'Physics > Collision Margin' slider
  • Once your Interactive Physics Session is finished, press the 'RETURN' key to commit your changes
  • Press the 'ESC' key to cancel your Interactive Physics Session at any time, and the objects will return to their original locations.

Installation (credit: CG Cookie):

  • You can download the Interactive Physics Editor from your account dashboard on the Blender Market, assuming you’ve already purchased it.
  • The easiest way to install the Interactive Physics Editor is to do so directly from Blender. You can do this by going to File > User Preferences > Add-ons > Install from File. This will open a File Browser in Blender, allowing to you navigate to and select the .zip file you downloaded. Press Install from file.
  • If your browser auto-extracted the downloaded .zip file then you will need to re-compress the Interactive Physics Editor folder before installing.
  • Once installed, Blender should automatically filter the addons list to show only the Interactive Physics Editor. You can then enable the add-on by clicking the checkbox on the upper right of the add-on panel.
Is the Interactive Physics Editor compatible with Blender 2.8?

Yes, the Interactive Physics Editor works great in Blender 2.8. You'll find it has a new home in the right-side tool panel in the 3D viewport!

NOTE: Blender 2.8 is still in Beta, and every day a new build is released which could introduce compatibility issues with the Interactive Physics Editor. If you run into an issue, first make sure you are using the latest 2.8 build from If the issue persists, be sure to report the issue in an email to [email protected] and we will address it right away.

How can I reach the developer for support?

Please, don't hesitate to send an email ([email protected]) or private message from your inbox ( if you've encountered an issue, need help using the add-on, wish to submit a feature request, or for any other reason. We'll get back to you within 24 hours!

Item Rating

This item has an average rating of 4 from 2 ratings by the community.

  • brandon about 1 month ago

    Promising but does not function in Blender 2.8 as claimed. All objects, regardless of geometry, are treated like cubes, live collision with other objects as shown in the video do not work in 2.8. In addition to this you cannot transform an object or place it in a new location.

    • Christopher Gearhart about 1 month ago

      Hey Brandon, I'm sorry you're having trouble with the Interactive Physics Editor, but please reach out via the inbox before rating. The vast majority of issues can be resolved quickly (especially when it comes to 2.8 Beta compatibility, as you may be working from a new or outdated daily build), and I'm always available to provide support via the inbox or email ([email protected]). I'm more than happy to help work through issues, but I can't help if you don't let me know what the problems are. You can reach out to me via your inbox at:

  • Mikey McCusker about 1 month ago

    Really nice little tool! the dev even added a little feature to it after I contacted him, works great! Will be really useful to scatter objects naturally

    • Christopher Gearhart about 1 month ago

      Thanks for the great review Mikey!

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