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by Oliver J Post in Models

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  • Derron Broxton about 19 hours ago

    I just purchased this addon and I really have to say it is well done. The interface is easy to uses and anybody tweaks as easily made with sculpting tools. Thanks for making wonderful product.

    • Oliver Post 13 minutes ago

      Thanks for the review, Derron!

  • Andy 4 days ago

    Very impressed with the way the software has been designed. Easy to use, robust, well engineered core software with amazing range of flexibility. One of the most important features is the customisation of clothes / poses by third parties, I anticipate some great add-ons in the future.
    Definitely worth a purchase.

    • Oliver Post 4 days ago

      Thanks for the review, Andy! We're glad to hear you like the add-on!

  • steven 7 days ago

    All things considered I think this is a great add-on at a fair price.
    It is still new and room for improvement. Can't wait to see what future updates will bring.
    Sure there is products out there with more features, but I decided to support Oliver and his team, because they are very quick and friendly with their feedback. Even if you ask stupid questions that is actually already on their website.
    Keep up the good work and great customer service.

    • Oliver Post 7 days ago

      Thanks for the review and for supporting the development, Steven!

  • Chris 8 days ago

    An excellent addon for creating characters. This is seriously spending up my workflow when adding characters to scenes and they look great.

    One area that does need some work is when generating a rig (using rigify). The facial rig is quite limited (without manually adding new bones). And the auto assigning of weights from a generated rig to a mesh - needs some tidy up afterwards (although this can happen with any mesh and not just Human Generator). But this is not a complaint and is a request - For it would be really great to see improvements in this area. And as this is new software I can guess the developers have a load of new additions and improvements being requested and that they are working on! :)

    • Oliver Post 8 days ago

      Thanks for the review and the feedback, Chris!
      Adding a full facial rig is currently our top priority!
      What exactly do you mean with the issue with auto assigning of weights? Human Generator humans have weight painting with manual quality passes and when adding a Rigify rig using the button in our UI these weights should also work on the Rigify rig, so there would be no need to auto-generate weights.

  • spuzzieog 11 days ago

    I bought the software and it crashes blender every time I click generate. If you have a mac dont buy this yet.

    • Oliver Post 11 days ago

      For anyone else interested in this, Human Generator is fully compatible with MacOS. The crashing issue happens to 5 out of 1800 users, is a GPU specific driver bug and is documented here:

      Hey Spuzzie,
      As I expressed in our email communication, we are of course very sorry about this issue happening to you, but it's, unfortunately, totally out of our hands. It will have to be fixed by Blender. We of course offer a full refund if this happens to you.

  • Izzy Ikigai 14 days ago

    Makes it really easy to generate some pretty realistic looking humans.

    That said, there's some real downers to this. The limitations imposed by HumanGen are pretty arbitrary and some of them are rather annoying.

    The binary male/female abstraction for clothes is weird to me, as is the fact that the sizes for everything seem rather restricted. There's basically no way to make a woman with small breasts(the minimum of the slider is still more than "no breasts") and this goes for a lot of things. Also the naming of the sliders seems weird or downright offensive in parts. Like, even if I put up the "overweight" slider to the maximum value the result would still be rather skinny.

    • Oliver Post 14 days ago

      Thanks for the review and the feedback! Also glad to hear you find it easy to use! As for your concerns, we tried to be as inclusive as we could. Keep in mind that we were of course limited in the options we can offer by things like technical limitations. In the case of body proportions, these decisions were mainly influenced by current technical limitations in our clothing system. If you have any specific ideas on how to improve this, or for example improve the naming of some of our sliders, we'd be happy to hear!

  • Kim Rasmussen 15 days ago

    Great addon
    Easy to make a very realistic result.
    Only as others also mentioned, it would be nice without the baked underwear, and the missing shapes for nipples, and navel.
    Would also be nice if directly compatible with mixamo, and riggify, or autorig pro for animation.

    • Oliver Post 15 days ago

      Thanks for the review, Kim! I'm glad to hear you find it easy to use!

      We can send uncensored textures if you send us an email.

      The add-on is already compatible with Rigify (there is a button in our pose panel), and for Auto Rig Pro there is a preset for Human Generator in the ARP Quick Rig system.

  • Ronald Gravelle 15 days ago

    This is one of the most welcome options to come along in a long while.
    Bought the commercial version because the development needs to be supported.
    It's a 1.0 but it has limitless potential in the future, the less I need to rely on outside of Blender is fantastic.
    My only complaint is the bikini textures, but I think this can be worked around in the future, because even for fashion work, I need some anatomical detail. but it's still a fantastic product and I can't complain!

    • Oliver Post 15 days ago

      Thanks for reviewing, Ronald! As for the censored textures, we currently offer uncensored ones if you send us an email/DM. We will probably include these files in the main download in a future release

  • Derek Smith 16 days ago

    The software's not without its faults, but it deserves its five stars, and comfortably.

    The ranges of assets, such as clothing, especially shoes, is rather limited, and there’s no T-pose. The range of ‘ethnic’ types is also limited, although the software should allow sufficient alteration to cope with most needs. And that’s it for the negatives.

    The most important bit of any addon is the UI, and here Human Generator (HG) shines. I normally take a while to settle in to new software but this is as straightforward as it could be with all the actions.

    It’s quite quick as well, which is probably important to some.

    The most outstanding aspect of HG is that it is fun. It could be a computer game on its own. I’ve seen 90 mins go by without noticing.

    Facial changes, some quite subtle, are simplicity itself, and with the number of variables, the range of possible faces is near infinite (a bit of an exaggeration, but not much). It really is remarkable what you can do.

    The age of the model can be changed with regards to sagging and wrinkles.

    The clothing is easy to add, although, as I said, the range is limited. Shoes look good.

    There’s a range of styles for hair that can be fiddled with to anyone’s desire. It looks first of all if there’re few to choose from, but things like length, etc, is up to the user.

    Two bits stand out: skin texture and eyes. I was stunned, especially with the latter, when I saw the options and results. Well done to Oliver. Brilliant.

    Speaking personally, I’ve struggled to build an asset library of models and clothes, and the first thing that springs to mind after using HG is where were you when I needed you. I have around a dozen models, both male and female. They’ve taken me months to create, and I’m not satisfied with all, perhaps even any, of them. I’ve created three HG models in the four hours since I bought it and they all are better than mine.

    You can probably tell that I’m well pleased with my purchase. Every item of software has bits where it’s less than exemplary, and HG is no different, apart from having only a few (and they all can be remedied, Oliver). A remarkable bit of software, with its five stars well earned.

    The price with the original offer is reasonable.

    • Oliver Post 16 days ago

      Thanks for your very extensive review, Derek!

      We're very glad to hear about your positive experiences with Human Generator!

      The range of assets will indeed be improved with future content packs! (Actually, there is already a T-Pose in the #free-cpacks channel of our Discord).

      As for your compliment about the skin texture and eyes, you'll have to credit Alexander for that ;-) (It's a collaborative add-on)

  • Lewis Martin 16 days ago

    Fantastic work guys -- this must have taken ages to make. Really well executed, easy to understand and use. Quality results every time, can't wait to see future updates such as more clothing options, more pose presets etc

    • Oliver Post 16 days ago

      Thanks for the review, Lewis! We're also very excited for the future of Human Generator!

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