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by Oliver J Post in Models

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  • francoise
    about 1 month ago

    it looks good, but in my asset documents, the folder eyes is empty. No textures at all. And the process for export is not very easy because of shape keys. Documentation would be ok. Thanks

    • Oliver Post

      about 1 month ago

      Hey Francoise, can you send me a DM about the eye folder issue? Do you mean just the folder is empty or that also the eye textures inside Blender do not show up?
  • Greg
    about 2 months ago

    Love the work you done on HG, easy enough to install and worked flawlessly straight out of the n-box! Fantastic. I am so glad I got the commercial version, well worth the price.

    HG is definitely a giant leap for Blender users, and I would love to see more development for additional content packs - highly detailed realistic actors, clothing and eyes with soften whites and tools to make them clear or blood red or something in-between, and eyes that can be teary or weeping with tears. The eyes are the windows to the soul.

    In addition, hybrid morphs such as cyborgs and creatures, and skin decals such as tattoos, scars and wounds. And a lip-sync addon pack for HG that follows audio or text.

    I may try my hand at creating content packs (major task), but will also need to know how to package as easy to install content packs.

    Maybe some of the above are already included with HG, I'm fairly new with this and so far appreciate all the work that has been done.

    Wish you all good health and great prosperity.

    • Oliver Post

      about 2 months ago

      Thanks for the review, Greg! I’m glad to hear you like the add-on! Also thank you for the feedback on what you’d like to see added, we will definitely take this into account. Packaging content packs can be done in the Human Generator preferences panel, there is a field to create your own pack.
  • m
    4 months ago

    Great add on with simple controls, the best human maker for blender IMHO.
    However, it still lacks some features that would make it truly outstanding. An example of this is custom hair; currently the available hair styles can be customized, but you cannot, for example, make long hair (say down to the waist) - you can just slightly vary the existing styles.
    As a result, I look forward to the future of this add-on but I think its not quite at 5 stars yet. Maybe version 4?
    Speaking of, I haven't been able to find a road map for the add-on, but it would be nice to see what is planned for future versions, the dev seems pretty responsive.

    • Oliver Post

      4 months ago

      Hey M, thanks for your review! Glad to hear you like the add-on! As for changing hair, the hairstyles we use are default Blender hairstyles so using Blender's hair options you can change them any way you like (including length with the length brush). We indeed currently don't have a roadmap, since we want to be able to flexibly adapt to what the users want to see and what we think is needed at the moment. We did however already announce we are working on hair cards generation and API enhancements at the moment.
  • David Barnes
    4 months ago

    The addon has some major bugs that make it difficult to use:
    - The bulk generate humans features does not work for me; it just gives a mass of python errors
    - The bake textures feature does not work if the human has clothes or shoes on; again splits out python errors
    I submitted this bugs on discord but got no response.
    It seems like this addon would be useful if you are looking to render directly in Blender; but if you are looking to export characters (in my case to a game engine) then it has some problems, for example:
    - All hair is particle systems only; so this can't be exported and there's no easy way to convert the hair to mesh/bake it
    - Human mesh is only 1 high poly resolution; and more polys than nessessary (for example the eyeballs alone are over 5000 vertices). Decimating creates some texture issues and also can't be easily applied due to shape would be nice if they had some LOD options.

    For the price and the fact they have a website for the addon etc, you'd expect their to be some level of responsiveness to major application breaking bugs.

    • Oliver Post

      4 months ago

      Hey David, Just to reply to the points you mention in your review (as we of course also talked on Discord to help solve the errors you experienced): - We are aware of the challenges of exporting particle hair, that's why we explicitly mention it as a limitation on the front page of the store. We are currently working on an auto-hair cards feature to help with this. - We wanted to find a good balance between quality and speed so Alexander aimed to poly count to be typical for AAA games, 25K faces for the main body. We will take your feedback for LOD options into account. By the way, my apologies again you had to wait 2 days to get support. The first day was a national holiday in my country and the second one I just didn't find the time.
  • D_S
    4 months ago

    This addon has exceeded my expectations! I love how everything is right there in Blender, without the need for bridges, and particularly rig compatibility issues. The skin textures are very impressive and detailed, and I am finding the face rig in particular very easy to use.

    The varieties in ethnicities are very well done, and the ability to customise faces is very handy, and much more straightforward than similar software I have used. Indeed, the straighforwardness and intuitive UI is a big plus - well done on that front!

    I am SO very satisfied with this app, and very excited to see how it evolves over time. This is definitely my favorite human rig for Blender thus far!

    • Oliver Post

      4 months ago

      Thanks for writing a review! We're very glad to hear you like the add-on!
  • Raph
    5 months ago

    Although it's still not as complete as I would like (there are still few choices in terms of clothes, poses, body shapes, and the face poses are not adapted to all morphologies), but the tool is really amazing, I use it every day for quick character generation. That's why I give 5 stars. I really hope there will be more content :) Also, extra content, maybe in a separate pack, would be interesting, such as skeleton, genitals, muscles…

    • Oliver Post

      5 months ago

      Thanks for the review and the feedback, Raph! We will take your suggestions about extra content into account
  • win maw
    6 months ago

    Customizing option is the most important for the Human Face. Blending, moving and sculpting options are welcome if you can do it. The slider itself not enough to adjust the way we want it. The other soft wares can do these options but I prefer to have it in Blender.

    • Oliver Post

      6 months ago

      Thanks for your review, Win Maw! If you wish to push the face sliders further, you can enable 'Experimental mode' for that human by pressing the ghost icon in the top right. This allows the slider to go from -200% to 200% instead of the regular -100% to 100%
  • shauniedarko
    7 months ago

    What's here works well. The textures are good, the creation tool works quickly and well. The particle hair and clothes are a nice addition.

    The criticism I have is that the customization options are limited. If you like the face shapes that come with the addon, then you won't have a problem. But if you want to make a model with a longer face, well, you're out of luck. The addon allows you to make the model's head wider but not longer.

    So it's good for what it is, but allowing more customization beyond the standard model would make it great.

    • Oliver Post

      6 months ago

      Thans for your review and the feedback, Shauniedarko! Glad to hear you like the textures and the creation process! We'll take your feedback about the customisation options in mind for future updates. By the way, I wanted to point out if you want to make the face longer there's indeed no slider in the HumGen menu for it, but it's quite straightforward to do manually: Go into pose mode, find the small 'stretch bone' on top of the head and move it upwards until your happy with the length of the face (you need to be in the creation phase to do this).
  • Ignacio Cuesta
    8 months ago

    It's a Really good addon and it does what it says it does, but i would love to hear some new features that includes generating crowds of low poly versions of them, also, more clothing and hair styles options could make this even better.

    • Oliver Post

      8 months ago

      Thanks for the feedback, Ignacio! As for crowd generation, I assume you already found the batch generator inside the add-on? We did some tests with low-poly versions and inside Blender there is a negligible performance improvement by lowering the poly count. Selecting a lower texture resolution and hair resolution makes a much bigger difference. We are however still considering adding lower poly versions in the future, since game-engines are a bit more strict on poly counts.
  • Bassem Adel
    8 months ago

    For an architect I see that this add-on is a huge time saver
    That batch generator is quite amazing for stills , this addon will take six stars if they managed to make crowd simulations !
    quality and customization is impressive even clothing has neat settings , but maybe need a little push in terms of details like the humans themselves , but even performance on blender 3.0 is butter smooth unlike some ratings here complaining about crashing (didn't encounter any problem or a single crash till now from the addon)
    Chapeau for real , keep awesome work

    • Oliver Post

      8 months ago

      Thanks for the review and the feedback, Bassem! Also, I'm glad to hear the performance has been buttery smooth for you. As for your comment on the crashes, this is a very rare problem related to a bug in Blender 2.90+ itself. If you don't have a very specific configuration of Apple computer, this crash will never happen for you.

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