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by Oliver J Post in Models

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  • Brihgl
    10 days ago

    This is really good tool but is not really as useful as I hoped. Great looking humans! However a few more hair styles would be good - like "short back and sides" style for caucasion males - see very film from 1920 to 1960 - with option to "shaggify" it into the 70's. (there are similar styles but you don't seem to be able to get it right with the settings - I will have to learn to customise). However the biggest let down for me was the fact that almost all clothing is incredibly skin tight. This immediately makes every human look unrealistic - for anything other than a group of dance performers! I can unserstand that the armature weighting for baggier clothes might be more complex to get right - but perhaps just make it clear that the wieghting may need more manual adjustment, the baggier the fit?
    I wanted a character in a short sleeved shirt and thought I could easily cut the arms off the long sleeved shirt - but of course the whole arm dissappears so I might have tried grafting the shirt onto another body - but the shirt was too tight in the first place - so I'll have to do it manually. So I'm not sure if I'll get much use out of this until the libraries expand quite a bit... but i've only played with this tool for a few hours, so only time will tell.

    • Oliver Post

      8 days ago

      Thanks for the feedback, Brihgl!
      We are currently not planning on adding hairstyles from other eras, as our main focus is on contemporary humans.
      As for most of our clothing being slim fit, this is mainly because we want to support a large range of body proportions and for baggier clothes to work with this one would need to add a layer of cloth simulation on top, which would slow the process down a lot (for example a baggy hoodie might be very baggy on a skinny person, but more tight on a bigger person).
      As for the arm disappearing underneath clothing, this is just a mask. You can remove the mask modifier from the modifier list and the arm will be back again.

      Let me know if you have any further questions!

  • Jake Perl
    10 days ago

    Very intuitive UI - just a blast to play with, and the results look really great, although they could use a bit more geometry around the ears. I'm going to be using this a lot!

    • Oliver Post

      8 days ago

      Thanks for reviewing, Jake! I will forward your suggestion about the ear geometry to Alex.

  • elEleni
    15 days ago

    I give 5 stars firstly because of the characters' realism and the great potentials this add-on has, but also because it grows very closely to most of the community's needs and it grows very fast. Just join them at their Discord channel. Follow the progress and contribute with your own suggestions.

    Thank you!

    • Oliver Post

      15 days ago

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a review, elEleni! I'm very glad to hear you like the add-on and like the way we are developing it based on feedback in the Discord!

  • matswk
    18 days ago

    I am very happy with my purchase. The plugin is excellent.
    The stability is excellent, the result is superb, the interface is easy: a great product.

    • Oliver Post

      18 days ago

      Thank you for the rating and the feedback, Matswk! We're happy to hear you are satisfied with your purchase!

  • Joseph Jean Rolland DubĂ©
    about 1 month ago

    I love this addon, thank you so much. I have a newbie problem howerver: for female characters, I can't render eyelashes. On a MacBook Pro M1... thanks!

    • Oliver Post

      about 1 month ago

      Thanks for taking the time to write a review, Joseph!

      As for your question: This is a small bug in the current version, where the female eyelashes are set to be hidden in renders by default. It will be fixed in the next version, in the meantime you can go into the particle menu and unhide the eyelashes with the small render icon next to the name.

      Hope this helps, if you have any further questions please let me know!

  • Jonathan
    2 months ago

    Thank you for this add-on!

    • Oliver Post

      2 months ago

      Glad to hear you like it, Jonathan!

  • Anthony Murkar
    3 months ago

    Great tool, overall! I have a few thoughts, but generally I would say that I would definitely recommend this product.

    - Very straightforward to use
    - Creates a fantastic human base mesh with good topology
    - The 'bake textures' feature creates a perfect atlas for the characters instantly, which is great
    - Moderately flexible (you can do a lot with the size/shape of the models to get what you want)

    - No option for low-poly meshes; meshes are a bit poly-dense in some areas, especially around the head - and not really in a practical or necessary way (e.g. the eyes by default are made of two separate layers and render with a subsurf applied by default, making the default render for the eyes **42,240 Tris!**; I usually end up deleting the eyes and make my own separately)
    - These extra polys are not really adding anything other than dead-weight consuming processing power and render time; you could reduce the poly count by probably >50% overall without any perceptible change at all in the photorealism of the meshes
    - Often I find the first thing I do is decimate the mesh manually
    - The hair is also quite slow because it uses extensive particle systems; this is more flexible, but also not practical for real-time rendering (it's even quite slow in blender with my rig - the tool handles this by hiding hair children during creation phase)
    - I handle this currently by also deleting the hair entirely and making hair cards separately to be applied as textured planes

    - Yes, I would recommend it
    - Great for in-blender photorealism
    - Less good for game engines and any real-time rendering applications, but the topology and textures are good which is the most important thing (it gets you 80% of the way there)
    - My overall impression is that this tool was built with photorealistic rendering of stills in mind as the single use-case, but with some manual mesh decimation and time spent on getting the model how you want it this will do the job <3

    • Oliver Post

      3 months ago

      Thanks for the review and feedback, Anthony!
      I will forward your concerns about the density of the eyes to Alexander, I wasn't aware myself they were rendering at that amount of polygons. We will also be looking into further ways of adding options for lower detail rendering in general. The reason the geometry is of higher density in the face is because of higher detail in the facial expressions. Stay tuned for updates on this development!

  • Tristan
    3 months ago

    A great addon that does what I need - creating humans for renders that I can put clothing on from another addon. The author was also helpful and prompt when I had a question on the Blender Market. I recommend this to anyone needing a quick way to create characters for Blender. Though if you have a slower graphics card you might have difficulty with the number of polys on a mesh, but for anyone with a good rig you'll be happy with it.

    • Oliver Post

      3 months ago

      Great to hear you like the add-on, Tristan!

  • Omid
    3 months ago

    Good stuff. However the poses and the clothes are VERY limited and there are no long-hair options. I want to support the creator(s) so I have 5 stars, but PLEASE improve this addon! Definitely needs long hair!

    • Oliver Post

      3 months ago

      Thanks for the review, Omid! We are working on extra long hair options as we speak

  • Mikey Smith
    3 months ago

    Hello Oliver, love the Addon so far, very useful and intuitive, nice work! One question - how might I go about using BVH retarget to animate my humans? Thank you!

    • Oliver Post

      3 months ago

      Hey Mikey, Thanks for the review!
      If you send me a message via the BlenderMarket message system I can look further into your question about retargeting. The review system is not the best way to ask questions, since I can only send one reply and you can't send a message back via it.

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