Human: Realistic Portrait Creation With Blender

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Q&A Video

The live stream was hosted to answer as many questions about the course as possible:

Unzipping the Split Archives (.zip.001, .zip.002, etc)

The HUMAN_source-files are downloadable as split zip archives. Why this instead of regular zips? Because there's a lot of files (16 GB in total) and most of them are .blends that have external file links for textures, reference images, etc. Split archives are ideal for preserving the unzipped file structure. When unzipped correctly you should experience zero broken links when opening these .blends!

To successfully unzip split archives like this, ALL .zip.XXX's need to be fully downloaded and in the same directory. To ensure your downloads are in fact fully downloaded: HUMAN_source-files.001-009 should be 1 GBHUMAN_source-files.010 should be 581 MB

Once you have all zips downloaded at their full size and they're in the same directory, we recommend using 7zip to unzip them properly, as shown here:

Additionally, here's a video tutorial for unzipping split archives with 7zip:

NOTE: A customer has confirmed that Winrar also works. 

anAtomic Documention

Please see the anAtomic documentation page for more info about this tool!

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