Hull Texture And Examples

by Mark Kingsnorth in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Is there a way to convert the texture to a normal map that could be used in Unity or in Blender's displacement modifier to change the actual mesh?

There is a video tutorial here that may be useful:

This should produce a displacement map that you can then use to be imported into other projects.

I can only get the displacement feature to work in cycles and not Eevee...

...this displacement feature is currently only supported in cycles unfortunately :(

I'd like to change the effect slightly. How do I get inside the node group to do this?

With the node selected in Blender, press the tab key.  This will open up the node group for inspection and editing.

I can't get the cycles displacement effect working. How do I do this?

Under the Material Properties tab, go to Settings -> Surface. Once there, you will see a drop-down box called Displacement. Change this to Displacement Only or Displacement and Bump and you should start seeing displacement in the viewport.

I load the file but I just get a cube or plane with no detail. What went wrong?

You will need to set the 3D viewport shading to Rendered mode to see the effect.  You can do this by clicking the buttons in the top right of the viewport or, with the mouse in the viewport, press the Z key and select Rendered in the menu that appears..