Hull Texture And Examples

by Mark Kingsnorth in Materials, Shaders, Textures

A versatile, reusable base texture for creating irregular plating effects.  The texture/node group also comes with some example files in both Eevee and Cycles.  

In the past it has been difficult to find a procedural texture that can create effective plating patterns. 

I have therefore created my own Blender node group with a set of sample files to get you started, such as:

A Borg cube using cycles displacement:

Basic city using cycles displacement:

...and other simple examples:

As a Blender Node Group it can be installed as part of Blender whenever you create a new project.

Any Questions?

Do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have a question, a new feature suggestion, or an image you'd like to share.  You can contact me through this website or by my Twitter page.


  • I have added a new 'size' parameter to the node so you can quickly change the size of the texture without having to alter the vector input:
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