Hdri Maker Addon For Blender 2.79-2.8x

by Andrew_D in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • Robin Sasson 13 days ago

    This is a must-have add-on that I have no hesitation in recommending; it's also worth mentioning that Andrew's pre-sales support is excellent. Without a doubt, this has saved me hours of work! Thank you Andrew!

  • Kurt Jordan 23 days ago

    I can't rave about the HDRI Projection feature enough. This ROCKS!

    • Andrew D. 20 days ago

      Hey, but it's fantastic, I'm happy to have hit a new target! Thanks for your support, amazing!

  • gary barringer 30 days ago

    Brilliant addon. Great interface, fast, love the projections. This is a VERY FAST AND USEFUL addon. I also have their EXTREME PDR EVO. Great work!

    • Andrew D. 20 days ago

      Hey, thanks, you did 2 feedback in 1, fantastic! Thank you very much for this, your help is very important to us!

  • JM about 1 month ago

    Time saver and really fun to use. Best support from Andrew. I recommend this add-on to anyone !

    • Andrew D. 20 days ago

      Thank you very much, I would like to be even faster, but the work is a lot, despite this, our addon continues to improve thanks to your support, which allows us to concentrate more. Great support!

  • evilmp about 2 months ago

    HDRi 2.0 Pro is simply amazing. The new ability to hide the physical HDRi has saved me considerable amounts of time in my lighting process. Thank you Andrew for all your hard work, AMAZING! Yet very affordable considering for what you get with the addon. Any buyers checking this out pull the trigger you will not be sorry. This has been my go to addon now!

    • Andrew D. 20 days ago

      Thanks for this nice review! You are too kind, we work hard and thanks to you that this is possible!

  • punker3d 2 months ago

    I really like this addon! It is very quick and easy to tweak the wonderful HDR's from Greg Zaal! I also bought Greg Zaal's Gaffer addon to help support him, but admit I use HDRI Maker more.

    I also bought bought Extreme PBR by Andrew_D to go with HDRI Maker, they work great together! Great addons, great developer!

    • Andrew D. 20 days ago

      Great transparency! You did well, we also fully support HDRi Haven, it's a fantastic website.
      Thank you very much for this nice feedback, we are very grateful for your support and kindness

  • tleedz 4 months ago

    Great app, so quick and easy to use!!

    • Andrew D. 20 days ago

      It is you who make this app great, without your help, this would not be possible. Thanks for the support

  • Jay Chosy 6 months ago

    HDRi Maker is amazing. This is an outstanding product that I highly recommend. It allows me to try various HDR images on the fly. The built in library is huge offering many options.

    Also, I must add a comment about Andrew's outstanding customer support. I had initially experienced some confusion about purchasing HDRi Maker in connection with buying another of Andrew's products. I reached out to Andrew and received an immediate reply. He not only helped me understand correctly but even made things right over a pricing question. Dealing with Andrew and his excellent customer support has been a very rare, positive experience.

    • Andrew D. 20 days ago

      Thanks Jay, our support is a must, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. We do our best, we always hope not to disappoint the trust you give us. Thanks a lot for your support!

  • grantpb 7 months ago

    Saves a lot more than it costs. I sincerely recommend it to anyone.

    • Andrew D. 20 days ago

      Thanks Grant, for your support , your kindness and for this nice feedback :)

  • Bruce Robertson 9 months ago

    This is a great addon. For anyone considering buying, know that Andrew D. stands behind his product. Excellent support. He replied to my PM very promptly, indeed. Thanks again, Andrew.

    • Andrew D. 8 months ago

      Ty Bruce, I'm really happy with your satisfaction.

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