Hdri Maker 2.0 Addon

by Andrew_D in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • Benny Oaks
    about 2 months ago

    Excellent addon! Just what I needed!

  • Norman Blue
    2 months ago

    Superb! Everything works exactly as promised in the Description. One of the best and most useful Addons ever made, it´s a joy for me to work with it. Thanks a lot!

  • Frank Hilton
    5 months ago

    Before I begin this review, you may want to understand why this add-on is really great for me. Back in Jan 2019 I had a major stroke. I lost all my freelance clients and can no longer work. I have neuropathy in my hands so I look for add-ons that will drastically cut back on my hand/mouse use. I currently can only use a basic drawing tablet (no screen). So, now I only do Blender as a hobby; anyways (to shorten the story).

    HDRI-M is one incredible add-on for what it does. If you were to try and do this by hand in vanilla blender, it would take you a little while. But with this add-on I can quickly add a REAL *.hdr (not just a jpg/png) file into my scene from over 400 different hdri files. But, what is incredible is that it projects it onto a dome and the ground of the hdri is at location 0,0 in the x/y axis of the viewport. So this makes it incredibly easy to add objects to the proper perspective without having to try and figure out the 3d space or using a separate program like fspy to just add your model on the ground properly. Incredible!!

    What I love about this add-on…

    • Choice of 1,2,4,8k of hdri size
    • 400+ REAL hdri files, not “dumbed-down” jpgs or pngs that lose color data.
    • Automatic dome projection with proper ground plan from hdri
    • Sync the sun with the hdri… to get proper lighting
    • Sun catcher for both Cycles and Eveee!
    • Deform the ground easily using primitives on the hdri texture already in the scene.
    • Water plane with effects/reflections (and use as sun catcher too)
    • Create your own HDRI (*.hdr) files from within Blender, using 3D Model setup you design
    • Add and remove your own hdri files.
    • Plenty of settings for the sun, scene exposure, rotating hdri etc. etc.

    There is more I can add to this, but time won’t allow it. I also own Extreme PBR, and so, with EPBR and HDRI-M together, these two add-ons are on the top of my list as my best add-ons. Andrew has put a lot of thought into this and it is well worth the money. What a difference, not only on my hands/mouse-use, but also time-wise. What a super time saver! You need to get this!!

  • andreas
    5 months ago

    I am using HDRI Maker now almost a year long. Together with PBR Evo and UMSS. All three addons work like a dream together. I use them almost on a daily basis. All functions are pretty much self explainig. So you have no problems to work with. No matter what i do, it works all the time with no errors. No matter how big the scenes are. The projection feature is so great. It saves you so much time.

    What impresses me most about Andrews addons is that they are very well thought out. The right tools in the right place. Easy to use. If you asked me what I might be missing here, I wouldn't know what to say. Meanwhile, when these addons are not installed, it feels like driving a car without a steering wheel. So grab all three of them. You will not regret it :)

  • Warren Reed
    6 months ago

    I never used to use HDRI because I just sucked at it, was too busy to figure it out, and thanks to this add on I get even better results thanks to their expertise! This is one of the many new add ons out there that really make creating animated films and series a lot more fun with these technical details already handled. THanks! I love it!

  • J H
    7 months ago

    Great add-on! I wish it supported Octane, but hey. Can't have everything you want, right :P

  • Bad Monk
    8 months ago

    awesome addon!! works fantastic and the projection mode is amazing!! easy fog and water as well. highly recommend if you use a lot of HDRI in your work

  • Jim Hart
    8 months ago

    This add-on has been a great addition to my Blender toolset! And Andrew was fast and great in helping me fix an installation problem I was having. The tool works great!

  • Thanh Tan Vo Van
    9 months ago

    Simply perfect for showcasing your models without going through the hassle of creating an entirely new backdrop/environment for them. All it takes is a few clicks and a few tweaks, and now your fantasy warrior elves will now look like as if they exist inside someone else's garage.

  • matthieu
    11 months ago

    Fantastico. Semplice e potente

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