Distribute Objects Addon

by Duarte Ramos in Scripts and Addons

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  • Miriam about 1 month ago

    I was desperately trying to distribute objects in blender evently and be able to define a specific distance.
    I have 1200 objects to align, so it would have been very tedious to do it manually.
    Still a bit surprised that blender does not have this option.
    Therefore I am so glad I found your script! Thanks a million, you saved my day. After 8 hours of trying different things in blender, I am so happy and relieved I can easily use your add-on and it does the job in a few seconds. I am really happy with this purchase, it’s awesome! And it’s so much worth the money! You deserve so much more 5-star ratings.

    • Duarte Ramos about 1 month ago

      Hi. Thank you so much for the review, it really means a lot.
      Glad it was useful. Have a happy new year.

  • Jeremy Lauzon 8 months ago

    Exactly what I need to easily arrange my imported models.

  • Vesper 8 months ago

    Mr. Ramos you have single handedly saved my life man. I had 300 objects I need aligned and organized, and your addon was absolutely beautiful myfriend. It is so Good I felt guilty paying 4 $ for it, this addon is easily 15-20$. Thank you Thank you Thank you Hermano.

    • Duarte Ramos 8 months ago

      It rose from my need to often do the same thing, happy to see I'm not alone.
      Price is mostly a symbolic way to help the foundation, code wise it is quite simple.

      Thanks for the rating you made my day, very glad it was helpful.

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