Distribute Objects Addon

by Duarte Ramos in Addons

Why do I get overlapping objects?
You probably have a count limit for you last chosen axis.
If you chose ZYX as your axis order, and you have a count limit under X Count, but your total selected object count exceeds the available slots for objects, the distributor will wrap around the grid and place objects on top of existing ones.

Either remove the count limit for your last axis, or increase the spacing or count for all the previous axis to allow more room for objects to fit into.
Why are my objects overlapping, or distributed unevenly?
Distribute objects uses World coordinates to place your objects in the Scene evenly. This only takes into consideration object centers, which represent their world coordinate, not their geometry morphology. If your objects have displaced or off-centered origins, they will look uneven or overlapping, despite being spaced evenly.

To fix it adjust your object center and distribute them again. You may wan to use Object > Set Origin > Origin to Geometry.

How do I stack objects vertically or along the Y axis?

The addon by default works by distributing along X then Y then Z axis by this specific order.
If you only want to distribute along the Y axis you can do so by limiting the count on the X axis to 1, so it wraps immediately and starts stacking along Y then Z instead.
If you want to stack on Z axis limit both X and Y to the count of 1.