Distribute Objects Addon

by Duarte Ramos in Scripts and Addons

Can I distribute a single object and have the addon duplicate?

No, this isn't the goal of this addon, there are other third party addons dedicated to arraying a specific element by duplicating it or copying.

The goal of this addon is to distribute a selection of different objects already in your scene, like linked libraries, or populating scenes with assets

Can I make a polar array?

No this addon currently only distributes in an orthogonal grid.

How do I stack objects vertically or along the Y axis?

The addon works by always distributing along X then Y then Z axis by this specific order. 

If you only want to distribute along the Y axis you can do so by limiting the count on the X axis to 1, so it wraps immediately and starts stacking along Y then Z instead.

If you want to stack on Z axis limit both X and Y to the count of 1.