Definitely Eevee Materials System

by Chipp Walters in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • Ranjit menon k about 1 year ago

    this is really great system to use .. very fast and easy .. love it

  • william over 1 year ago

    Loving the system Chipp and Team. In the one texture rule video you reference a scratch metal tilable texture. I can't seem to find that texture in the metal materials folder. Was that texture removed?


    • Chipp Walters over 1 year ago

      Thanks for the nice rating! Please contact me at and I can make sure you have it.

  • Bill Boyer over 1 year ago

    I was disappointed by the wood textures, the way they were made to be tileable was quite sloppy, not usable at all, the other textures, so far they look fine, luckily I was able to insert accurate tileable wood textures into the mix, and it would be great if I could overwrite the existing ones with mine. I have noticed that programs that claim to make images tileable are pretty bogus for the most part, including PixPlant.

    • Chipp Walters over 1 year ago

      Thanks for the feedback. I redid many of the wood textures, and I also added 6 new textures of higher quality. Please check them out. Furthermore, I've created a video on how you can create your own tileable wood textures. You can see it at:

      You can create your own materials using KIT OPS PRO. Subscribe to YouTube and I'll be posting how exactly you can do that.

  • Travis over 1 year ago

    This addon is fantastic. Well worth the money. Blender 2.8 is amazing

    • Chipp Walters over 1 year ago

      Thanks so much for the rating! I agree Blender 2.8 is quite dandy!

  • Husein almost 2 years ago

    Nice work! Can we expand the material database with our own textures?

    • Chipp Walters over 1 year ago

      Thanks for the 5 stars! Absolutely, you can expand the material database. You'll need KIT OPS PRO to do this. Stay tuned to my YouTube channel and I'll post a video on how to do it!

  • dadriaen almost 2 years ago

    Works great, nice materials, perfect and efficient workflow. Very usable, especially for me as a non-hardcore specialist in Blender.

    • Chipp Walters over 1 year ago

      Thanks for the great rating and the kind words. :-)

  • Hartmut Döring almost 2 years ago

    Low memory EEVEE material collection with a lot of the basic materials to get you going. Also, great video documentation to get you up and running and see how to work with it. And everything is very well organized and named to work in big scenes with lots of materials without getting a headache.

    • Chipp Walters over 1 year ago

      Hi Hartmut. Thank-you for the 5-star rating. Stay tuned as we're constantly updating the materials list!

  • JaffaDave almost 2 years ago

    Great AddOn, Makes texturing so easy and the results are perfect.

    • Chipp Walters over 1 year ago

      Great to hear from you Dave. Thanks for the 5 stars!

  • tleedz almost 2 years ago

    Love it! So quick and easy. Able to get a lot of the materials I use often from this set! Great job!

    • Chipp Walters over 1 year ago

      Glad you like it. Much thanks for the rating. :-)

  • Bruce Robertson almost 2 years ago

    Very nice indeed!

    • Chipp Walters over 1 year ago

      Short and sweet :-) Thanks for the rating!

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