Definitely Eevee Materials System

by Chipp Walters in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • Ava about 1 month ago

    This addon helps to save so so much time! Thank you so much Mr. Chipp.

  • alikenderfen 3 months ago

    At first though, using Kitops to have shaders was strange. But no! The result is really great and easy to use. Thanks Chipp!

  • Robert Atkinson 4 months ago

    A great time saver if you are just starting out in Blender as I am.

  • Genesis 5 months ago

    Absolutely great and clearly made with professionalism and workflow efficiency in mind. Quality textures that are super easy to apply and even if you'd like manipulate to make them exactly how you'd like for your scene and objects. The cutting tools are beyond functional and very easy to apply, shape and position however way one might one. The textures themselves are top notch quality and wit some proper lighting set ups they look incredible! Plus Mr. Walters is a true professional when it comes to this and should be commended for that. I had a couple questions for this and he went a step beyond to fully help me out. Totally worth to buy and use repeatedly.

  • canor 7 months ago

    It is really, really good. Thanks a lot.

  • Ponte Ryuurui 11 months ago

    Genius. And get kitiops while you:re at it, or else....

  • tibbetibbe about 1 year ago

    This will save me a lot of time and allow me to focus on the modelling. Many thanks for the effort and the great quality ! Is there a shortcut to directly add a dirt layer to a material so we can skip adding a temporary guizmo ? Like a ctrl+alt+click shortcut that would add the node group immediately before the principled color input ? This is just my five cents :) Super cool database regardless!

    • Chipp Walters about 1 year ago

      Thanks for your review. The shortcut is to press CTRL + the INSERT button which will add the selected material to the selected object.

  • Kei Muratagawa about 1 year ago

    Quickly set up and easily customize. All materials are of very high quality and fit any type of model. Even a beginner like me can use it easily.
    Very nice add-on!

  • Ranjit menon k about 1 year ago

    this is really great system to use .. very fast and easy .. love it

  • william about 1 year ago

    Loving the system Chipp and Team. In the one texture rule video you reference a scratch metal tilable texture. I can't seem to find that texture in the metal materials folder. Was that texture removed?


    • Chipp Walters about 1 year ago

      Thanks for the nice rating! Please contact me at and I can make sure you have it.

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