Creating 3d Environments

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Is there a user friendly way to watch all the videos

Yes there is! All the video's are also available on the Teachable platform. When you join this course i will provide a link so you can watch the video's on this platform. This is also the place where you can ask questions.

I am a Udemy user, will this course also be updated on this platform?

The course will also be offered there, but in a different way. There will be a monthly small update with videos that will take place until the end of the year.

What can i expect from the provided reference video?

The video is a little extra to study environments. I use a Mavic 3 pro to capture all kind of nature landscapes to study afterwards. Video's like river flow, waving twigs, grass or sky view, it's all included. And feel free to use it for anything you like, as long you don't sell it on a content store. 

Are you using a commercial content store for creating the environment scenes ?

A big no! After entering this course there are no external commercial blocks standing in your way. I am the co-founder of Polyhaven, a platform providing free and CC0 content to design your environments.  We use 80% of the Polyhaven content, the other 20% is provided by me.

30 hours is a long ride, how is the learning phase?

Like everything, learning something takes some time. The course will slowly start with introducing you to the Blender software and making your first steps in the 3D world. The further you go, the faster we will go. Nevertheless, with every new skill the time will be taken to handle this carefully. If a skill returns more often you will have to try it yourself at some point. In this way we want to prevent long-term repetition, but we do want to give you the knowledge needed to learn something.

Do I need external plugins or software?

There is no need for external commercial software. Everything you learn will be covered in Blender. All textures are included in this course and have a CC0 license

What kind of computer do I need?

Creating environments asks a lot from your system. I recommend to have a minimum of 32gb RAM and a mid-range CPU as minimum specs. We use CPU rendering to render the scenes, so a mid-range GPU will work out as well. if you use 16GB of ram, be aware using 1 or 2K textures. this way you are able to follow the course. All of the textures ( 1/2/4/8K) are available on the website for free without any registration!

I am new to Blender; can I join this course ?

Yes, you can, this course is designed for users who want to learn the environment craft and staring from scratch. We cover a full chapter to learn you the basic skills. We also provide written documentation for the beginning lectures to help you with the staring process. Of course, you need some motivation just like everything you like to learn.

What render engine do we use in this course ?

The 3D Environment course uses Cycles  to create the scenes. We will use the workbench for the modeling work, Eevee for Realtime material editing and cycles to render out the scenes to get the max out of it.

Where can I find all the lecture content?

Each chapter has a packed content file. This includes all the files you need. You can also visit Polyhaven to download the texture files.

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