Ultimate Clay Shader (Eevee & Cycles)

by DoubleGum in Models

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  • nika 9 days ago

    Right off the bat you are given something honestly amazing to look at!
    the creator of this beautiful shader has made me realize a whole new way of rendering and character creations.

    wonderful shader, beyond worth the 20$

  • Jose Chambrot 2 months ago

    Love...love...love! this shader! Its very useful and alot of fun. Have spoken to the dev about an idea that I had and he had no hesitation in finding a solution. This is a MUST HAVE!

  • Jonathan 3 months ago

    If you want your models to look like you molded them out of Clay this is 100% the Shader that can do it on the fly and with tons of customization within the shader window.
    Keep up the good work DoubleGum.

    • Rahul Parihar 2 months ago

      Thank you soo much for the kind words, Jonathan. I am happy knowing that you like the new Clay 2.Doh! ^_^

  • Hakan Ak√∂gretmen 3 months ago

    Beautiful Shader!!

    • Rahul Parihar 3 months ago

      Thanks, Hakan. :)
      Do try the new Clay 2.Doh, it is a free update! ^_^

  • yasmin 3 months ago

    Amazing shader! I use it whenever I can <3 100% would recomend .

    • Rahul Parihar 3 months ago

      Thanks Yasmin, try the new Clay 2.Doh! It works with Blender 2.81 :)

  • Vaclav Bicha 4 months ago

    looks really cool, but I can't see the node editor for it, I'm blender beginner so I'm maybe just missing something, tried to google it but not helped :) so if you could give me hint, thank you ( I would like to add my own UV texture to the model)

    • Rahul Parihar 4 months ago

      Hey Vaclav, you don't need to go into the node editor to use Clay Doh or change its settings.
      With your model selected, simply use the default material tab on the right-hand side. Cheers. :)

  • Sebastian Palus 4 months ago

    this shader gives works so much warmth and charm + Rahul is a super supportative person and is quick with replys and assistance :D

    • Rahul Parihar 4 months ago

      That is so nice of you Sebastian! <3
      Thanks for rating Clay Doh so generously. ^_^

  • Maxim 4 months ago

    Great, simple stuff! Quick support! Thanks to the author!

    • Rahul Parihar 4 months ago

      Thanks for the kind words, Maxim. Glad you like the shader! :)

  • Caden 4 months ago

    Love this! Although I just recently downloaded it again along with Blender 2.8 and It's not working for me with Eevee renderer?

    • Rahul Parihar 4 months ago

      Hi Caden, I have received 3 such reports by now, including yours. The shader seems to not work correctly with the latest 2.81 Experimental build.

      I am doing my best to find the issue, which will be fixed in the next update. Until then, I request you to use Stable Blender builds.

  • Rooftop Productions 5 months ago

    Awesome shader and awesome support :D

    For those wanting to apply this shader to deforming objects with unwrapped UVs, go into the Shader Group with the "Tab" key, find the Texture Coordinate node and change Object output to UV, then change the project mode of the two Image Texture nodes (cracks.jpg and fingerprints.png) from Box to Flat.

    • Rahul Parihar 4 months ago

      Hey! Thanks for rating Clay Doh ^_^

      I wish you guys didn't have to change the mapping coordinates manually. I am soon going to release a major update for Clay Doh, building it from scratch. It will allow us to change mapping with one click, without 'tabbing' into the node group. ooh and a special version for animators too! :)

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