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  • ahoge
    about 1 hour ago

    Very good assets for backgrounds, just need cleaning. I wish there's a feature for night mode where an option to enable windows to light up for the night scene.

  • Bad Monk
    5 months ago

    Awesome add on. If you want quick and beautiful looking buildings in your scene with no hassle then grab this add on now!

    • Joseph Hamilton

      5 months ago

      Thanks Bad Monk! Appreciate the review! Glad you are liking the assets. Lots more coming soon!
  • Jon
    6 months ago

    This is a decent addon. There are some nice models. My two main complaints are that the models are pretty resource intensive and the organization within the Blender menu could use a lot of work.

    • Joseph Hamilton

      5 months ago

      Hi Jon, Thanks for the review. We will work on future updates with your input in mind.
  • ecosky
    7 months ago

    I purchased this a bit impulsively without doing enough research, so I am a little disappointed with myself. I thought this was a tool to build cities procedurally, but it is instead mostly a collection of static assets and a few procedural ones. That's my fault though, so I'm reviewing based on what it is not what I thought it was. There are a three procedural building creation tools, but there are only a few and while they can be randomized I was hoping the randomizer would create more variety and was available for more buildings. I like the geometry node approach for the randomizer. From the perspective of a collection of assets for kitbashing a city, it seems like a good deal however keep in mind you'll be assembling the city one building at a time, which can be good or bad depending on your approach and needs. While this is a good addon, I think for my particular needs I will probably wind up getting SceneCity for more of a procedural macro level approach to building a city. Would be great to see this addon evolve to include more procedural builders. One minor criticism is the scale of buildings between static assets and the procedural ones is not consistent.

  • mgiambrone43
    8 months ago

    Just purchased the full Citybuilder 3d version. I am not disappointed. I did have a couple of crashes though, but perhaps I tested the limits of my memory. I haven't look under the covers yet, but I am wondering if Hubert Knoblauch may have been using 8K textures which may be causing some slow loading times. Brad any thoughts?

    • Joseph Hamilton

      8 months ago

      Hi Mgiambrone43. Thanks for the kind review. Glad you like CityBuilder. You are correct that some of the loading times are due to the texture resolution. We've actually downressed a lot of the textures on the assets already for this reason. Also we are trying to update to a procedural texture system in the future for faster workflows as well. Would that be something that would help you or do you think the organic variation with the standard texturing approach is worth it? Again thanks for the review.
  • Jon Booker
    8 months ago

    For the price to 3d asset ratio this add-on is a no brainer. Only problem I had with it are some of the models are quite large memory wise. But the developers said they are working on some updates to help.

  • Thomas Nicholson
    8 months ago

    I purchased the full version. I cannot get more than half the sets to work, I get an error message when I attempt to load them My computer is part of my problem, and I am willing to admit that However, if SceneCity is able to create a full city without my computer crashing Blender, I would think I would be able to create more than one or two buildings using this before Blender crashed. That is not the case. I build a road and load three buildings, trying to preview the render view and Blender crashes. The one good thing I can take away is that it has inspired me to model my own buildings. No hard feelings towards the ones that created this, but I wish I had no spent more money on this. Maybe once I have a better computer, I can try to use it again to see if works any better. As for right now, it is far from what I was expecting.

  • David Good
    8 months ago

    I purchased the full version which has the tag line *INCLUDES FUTURE ASSET PACKS FOR CITYBUILDER3D" and would like to ask how do I acquire them?

    • Joseph Hamilton

      8 months ago

      Hi David, Thanks for the kind review. Whenever we release new asset packs they should show up in your CityBuilder3d downloads section on Blendermarket. Let us know if you have any more questions.
  • Andy Redwood
    12 months ago

    Fantastic value, and generally really high quality buildings. There's really no downside for the price, I'd highly recommend it. The Soviet and Hong Kong assets seem especially high quality, more of this please! Updates make it even better value, especially those who bought early. Thanks for creating (:

    • Joseph Hamilton

      11 months ago

      Hey Andy! Thanks so much for the kind review! I don't know if you are following us on Twitter or Instagram but we are planning on releasing some procedural building updates in the next few weeks. Likely procedural versions for Hong Kong and Soviet in the future. Again thanks for the 5 stars!
  • thegreattank
    about 1 year ago

    Awesome product, models are very good quality.

    • Joseph Hamilton

      11 months ago

      Thanks thegreattank! We are releasing more models as another update very soon!

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