Bleyshot V1.2 For Blender 2.8 Cycles

by CG Choco in Render Setups

CG Choco presents BLEYSHOT v1.2 

A lighting toolkit with unlimited possibilities . Create professional renderings in a few clicks with Blender 3D


Customer satisfaction is a priority for us. Please read the full description and FAQ before making any purchase.  If after reading the description you have any doubts about Bleyshot's compatibility with your projects. Feel free to contact us before purchasing the product. We will be happy to assist you.


The first update is in progress with more content added such as tens of lighting presets, file allegement, demo object additions etc. We are also preparing a richer and more detailed documentation created from the new version 1.2.1.  

BLEYSHOT 1.2 KEY FEATURES ( .Blend files)
Bleyshot 1.2 is an all-in-one lighting solution for Blender 3d. It allows you to obtain professional and artistic images of products, cars or characters with the speed of light. The tool is based on simple clicks to control the visibility of the layers but the possibilities are endless.

Blender 3D is delivered with Cycles, a fast rendering engine with one of the fastest real-time previews on the market. Bleyshot transforms Blender 3D into software similar to Keyshot, Toolbag etc... through hundreds of light configurations ready to be used or modified. Thus for less than $100 Bleyshot becomes a viable but economical alternative for 3D artists with tight budgets but looking for professional results. 

In the form of independent Blender projects. Bleyshot currently offers lighting solutions that contain 3 rendering modes. The first one was designed to render products. The second one is for those who are passionate about automotives. The third is for character creators. Bleyshot can therefore be used for different types of projects without any compromise on quality.

+240 MIXABLE and CUSTOMIZABLE light and background presets 

Cars:  54 light presets / 10 backgrounds and grounds

Characters : 69 light presets / 12 backgrounds and grounds

Products :  74 light presets / 24 backgrounds and grounds

***************CAR LIGHTING MODE****************

**********PRODUCT LIGHTING MODE*****************

***********CHARACTER LIGHTING MODE************


Bleyshot is easy to use. It uses Blender's new 2.8 layer system for fast and flexible use.Bleyshot is easy to use. It uses Blender's new 2.8 layer system for fast and flexible use. This is a compact and simple manual for using the tool. If it's simple. Why complicate? 

1. Choose the lighting mode that interests you from among the three available; cars, products or characters.
2. Open the corresponding *.blend file and import your 3D model respecting the real dimensions of the objects. Bleyshot contains reference objects to help you get more precision in dimensions.
3. Enable layers (collections) to display lighting installations on the stage. You have access to lighting styles, grounds, backgrounds, effects, HDRI skies etc. You can overlay all light sources except HDRI
4. In case you need precision, you have full control over the lighting. You can change the position, rotation, size and intensity of each light source by exploring the collections where they are located.
5 Once you have found the style that suits you, you can proceed with the rendering as usual.


*** The user guide is delivered in each .blend file as text in the text editor. It's open in a text window by default

*** Bleyshot is based on layers to allow a fast and stable workflow. To save your light settings for reuse or to share them online we have created a numbering system that you can quickly note. For example, here is an example of a light setting with the list of layers used s6_y2_v3_p1_g4. You can also save in.blend format but this will generate large files on your computer 
*** Bleyshot is using the Intel AI denoiser by default. You candeactivate it from the compositor panel.
*** The render settings are optimized for fast results. You can increase the values for better quality.


Bleyshot is a tool to produce high quality lighting so there are certain technical specifications to respect for maximum performance and productivity. You can have information about the required PC performance at the bottom of the page in the PC specification section.

 The lighting styles are designed to obtain professional and/or artistic results ready for the market. Bleyshot offers options that you could easily buy with thousands of dollars in other software.

SKY LIBRARY (market value +200$, will be improved with the December 2019 UPDATE) 

Give your renderings a realistic and high quality look. It is possible to choose between several hours of the day. The sky library is available for all three lighting modes: car, product and character.

Bleyshot is delivered with tenths of different lighting styles that are themselves infinitely mixable. But if you are meticulous, you can make changes at all levels such as light positions, light intensity, sky light intensity, HDRI rotation etc. With Bleyshot, the only known limit is your creativity

 Bleyshot's objective is to obtain fast but high quality renderings. For this reason, one of the most interesting options is the possibility to add backgrounds and floors just by clicking on layers. With this kind of workflow you can quickly get some basic ideas before embarking on more detailed creations.

SOFT LIGHTING ( product lighting mode will be available with the December 2019 UPDATE ) 

Bleyshot comes with soft lighting styles. Soft lighting is a method of lighting with softened light sources that produce luxurious and beautiful results. 


 Each lighting mode has its own group of effect layers. When these effects are mixed with other lighting styles, breathtaking results are obtained.


Bleyshot 1.2 is evolving rapidly. Options and content will be added regularly. Bleyshot 1.2x has the ambition to become a reference lighting tool for Blender 3D. It was also created for the community for knowledge sharing and 3D lighting learning. Follow the Facebook page for more information on this subject

Bleyshot is a tool for producing high quality lighting and there are certain technical specifications to be respected to benefit from maximum speed and productivity.
1. Bleyshot was developed with Blender 3D version 2.81. This version offers the Intel Ai denoiser which allows fast and clean rendering under Cycles.
2. Bleyshot requires a certain amount of PC power. To do this it was created with a medium power PC Core i5 16 Gigas of ram, AMD GPU Rx 480 8G Vram. It is therefore recommended to use it with a computer of equivalent or even higher power.



Like all other add-ons, Bleyshot is a powerful tool but can have its limitations in some scenarios. After having read the description carefully, in case of doubt, it is strongly recommended to contact us before making a purchase. This way we can tell you if the product or is adapted to your projects or not.