Bl2sp2bl(Blender Connect Substance Painter)

by PJ PENG in Scripts and Addons

Q: 1. "BL2SP" 》in 2.8》Can't install 》in 2.81》Can be installed, but not out to SP 2. "SP2BL"》Can be out to BL, but Can only work once

If can`t install please use the "administrator" start the Blender. I think you Blender 2.8 install the C disk..,if can`t uninstall please use the "administrator" start the Blender the Same .

If can`t out to SP. software Please save the Blender file,and set the SP.exe Path.The SP Software can`t use the Steam Version,Need standalone Version.

Why just only work once??Do you use the Blender is language is "English"?? Please let the file is  English name and English file path..Don`t use the other language maybe report error..

I want the textures to be sent at 512x512 but it defaults to 1024x1024.


If you want to Change the "Texture Size" or "Add HDRI Shader" need Click the "Open SP2Blender Panel" -"Save",and Click the SP2Blender Icon  Export Blender Again: )!

Why only support Win platform?

Because the SP some API not support MAC!

How to reinstall BL2SP2BL!

Old Version Please Quit(Kill) All the"BL2SP_Server.exe" task!!! 

Now Version (from 8.4.2019 Version):

1.Open Blender software and Open Substance Painter

2.remove "BL2SP" addon(at BL) and remove "SP2Blender"Plugin(at SP)

3.install "BL2SP"addon (at BL)and copy the "SP2Blender"Folder(at SP)

4."Set SP EXE PATH"(at BL " 3D viewport press N key find BL2SP") and "Plugins-SP2Blender-configure-set path"


Old Version(At before 8.4.2019 Version):

Youtube Video:

BL=Blender SP=Substance Painter 

Please Quit All the"BL2SP_Server.exe" task!!!: 

1.OPEN SP and BL software

 2.Quit All the "Bl2SP_Server.exe" task. 

3.remove "BL2SP" addon(at BL) and  remove "SP2Blender"Plugin(at SP) 

4.install "BL2SP"addon (at BL)and copy the "SP2Blender"Folder(at SP) 

5."Set SP EXE PATH"(at BL " 3D viewport press N key find BL2SP") and "Plugins-SP2Blender-configure-set path"


How to Batch Change Material Blend Mode to "Opaque"?

You can Click the "Bl2SP" addon -"Refresh ALL Texture",This Button will Change All the Material to the "Opaque" Blend Mode:)!

Can I use the Steam Version Software??

You can`t use the Steam Version.

Because the Steam Version Open the Software need you account and you password.This is a plugin..I don`t want the Plugin to reader you account and you pass word info..

So you need to use the Standalone Version.

Thank you: )!